should be studying, but....

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I procrastinate! Who doesn't, shiit! Anywho, I just felt like telling everyone hello tonight. I stopped hanging out with my homesters, cause' a "Lost" re-run came on and they all turn into drones when that happens. I hate that show and I don't really watch much more than movies, the simpsons, and old school cartoons (i.e. Popeye, Loony Tunes, Betty Boop, gumby, etc.) Claymation kicks ass! - WHatever happened to the California Raisens? They rocked my sawks off! Anyway, Claymation is so much cooler than computer animation! I dislike computer animation as much as synthesizers and drum machines...though I'm fully aware of their cheatful capabilities.


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Yeah Claymation rocks! I've b

Yeah Claymation rocks! I've been watching Trapdoor, which is Claymation oddness, and it's so superbly done! Random- I know- but hey, I'm in that kinda mood.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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