"So you were more put off by his being male than by his being a stoner?"

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I am SO SICK. Eugh. This always happens to me right at the beginning of school breaks. Maybe I should miss more school.

I have a fever. My brain hurts. My vision is weird. Blah. :(

So I figured I'd get online, to distract myself. In stead of lying there unable to sleep pondering how shitty I feel.


In other news, my dad knows. Kind of. See, what happened is yesterday we spent all day talking about gay people. From who's secretly gay in our family to gay movies to gay hair. Then, at night, we were still talking about that stuff, when he starts saying that it's every father's secret dream that his daughters will be lesbians.

Then he asked about my boyfriend, and I said we broke up. He said, "Why? He's a stoner, isn't he?"

"Yeah, he is. But the reason we broke up had more to do with uh. Him being. Male, than a stoner."

"Oh." He thinks this over for a moment. "So you were more put off by his being male than by his being a stoner?"


"You were more put off by him being MALE than by him being a STONER."

"Well. In the context of the world, I'm more offended by his being a stoner. But in terms of our relationship, the reason it ended had more to do with his being male."

"Hmm. You were more offended by his being male than by his being a stoner." Then he giggled, and said it like five more times...

So he MUST know, right? I mean come on.

Today he took me to lunch and asked if I'd mind if one of his friends (who just so happens to be a lesbian) came with us. She wasn't actually available, but... I dunno. He's certainly not upset or anything.

I guess in a little while I'll have to actually say, "Dad. I'm gay." So that everybody can officially know everything.

Wow, I feel like shit. Okay. Maybe I will go back to bed now.


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wow. thats funny. my dad is a

wow. thats funny. my dad is a little different. i think he just found out through my mom. but im find with that. i dont really want to 'come out' inthe conventional way to either of them. i just let htem find out.

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That's good that your dad see

That's good that your dad seems to be fine with it. Feel better!!!

** IMRU? **

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You're so lucky that you and your dad can talk so openly about stuff like relationships and gay people, etc. Anyways, it's good that he probably knows now, congrats! :) Hope you feel better soon too, xox.


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It's real cool how you guys c

It's real cool how you guys can talk and joke about it. I liked the part that said secretly it's every fathers dream that their daughters will be lesbians!

"What they don't know can't hurt them

but it sure as hell can hurt me"

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That's funny :)

I'm glad your dad is OK with it.

I was just curious--did your dad say why all dads secretly wish their daughters were lesbians?

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Yes he did

Because, in his words, "Most men are... Well. Pigs."


These seconds when I'm shaking leave me shuddering for days.