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I've been out for a while due to the traumatic return to school and the scariness of impending finals. Anyways...nothing happened yesterday, at all. My assembly for educating my class on the horrors of homophobia has been moved to Friday, but I'm cool with that. As long as it happens, all is well. I came out to my English class today when I read a passage about being bisexual from my autobiography. They took it pretty well, and a bunch of people told me that I was brave. I came out to a girl in my health class (We shall call her Ellen) and I was really surprised becuase she was so accepting of it, and just asked me a bunch of questions, like, "How do you know?" and "When did you know?" she just wanted to understand me. Also (this is the coolest part) I found out that another girl in my class is bi! Yeah, big surprise, although statistically it makes sense. Anyhoo, she was one of the girls who I chose to speak at my assembly, without knowing that she was bi, and it was really cool to find out that she was like me. We're both coming out to the grade at my assembly. Most people will probably take it well, but there's one kid who I know won't. That being Star Wars boy. He is so naive, despite thinking that he knows everything, he blindly believes that being LGBT is wrong, without knowing anything about "those people" and never having been close to, or even consciously talking to one. He makes me so sick. But what can you do? Every school has kids like him.


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Good for you, with the assemb

Good for you, with the assembly, and the English class. That sounds awesome. :)

It's great that there is some one around you going through a similar thing.

Is she cute? Hee hee... ;)


These seconds when I'm shaking leave me shuddering for days.

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thats really cool. theres thi

thats really cool. theres this one girl in my class who just randomly one day said 'lesbians scare me.' i was all about to be like 'WHY DO THEY SCARE YOU MADI? DO I SCARE YOU???' but i didnt.

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