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I've read about a lot of people who have commited suicide or thought about it. I've even known some(vaguely) who have attempted it. And then I started thinking about my own entrance into adolescence and my thoughts of suicide. I probably would have tried if I wasn't so damn lazy(-_-)Anyway then as I ended eighth grade and started getting ready for high school I thought why should I kill myself when I've almost died at least ten times already! So yeah even though at times I still feel lonely I am happy to say that I dn't think about suicide ever.


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For this one project at schoo

For this one project at school, me and a friend had to find three articles(each) on suicide. It was kinda sad, cuz' it was so easy to find them. In a matter of 15ish minutes, we found 6 different suicide articles in the current newspapers.

Its good to hear that you don't have thoughts of it.

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you have a wonderful sence of life. keep growing!

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