The Internet Has Destroyed Me

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Hi. I feel kind of weird right now. Not in a bad way, just. I don't know.

I'm meant to go out with my boyfriend tonight. We'll see if that happens. Ugh. Wow. Yeah, okay... Feeling gayer by the minute. :/

School ends in less than a week! Score! I am so ready for summer. I won't be doing anything TOO exciting... I'll travel some (annual trip to the Cape and various suburbs of Boston)... I'm doing this cool two-week all-girls film school program at a college in my city, where you get to stay in the dorm and use professional equipment and whatnot. That should be pretty fun.

Last night I was running a bath, and while it was running I was walking around my house, you know, waiting for it to fill up. And my brother says, "Daisy, why aren't you in the bathroom? The water's running."

"I know, but it'll take a few minutes to load. I mean. Uh. Fill up."

The internet has destroyed me.

Pride parade in town next week. Will I go? I don't know. Maybe. Most of my friends probably are.

Alright, I think that's pretty much all I've got, I just felt like posting. God, I feel so weird today. Maybe it's the sun? I don't know.


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Know how you feel about the w

Know how you feel about the whole internet thing. I've been thinking about just taking aa few weeks or something to go camping.

Ooh, can't wait for school to get out! Good luck on finals!