This is me being bored

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Every day in this world brings something different. Wow, deep (not).
Some existentialists say some variation of, "every person lives in a different world, cannot experience the world of their peers, because every person has a different view of the world, and senses thing differently." Vaguely, something along those lines. Makes life seem kind of lonley; knowing that I'm the only person in the world experiencing life the way that I am. Lonely, but unique. Question: Am I insignifcant and alone, floating in a universe where nothing is connected? Or am I just part of a whole, a whole hat makes up our universe and everything in it? Or, am I part of something smaller, a grtoup of things and people that are connected within this big thing, this universe. Hmmm...going to ponder this.


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We're all connected

Or I think we are.

The world is a huge place. There are two ways of looking at the big picture: nothing matters or everything does. Either you think that since the whole is so large, the details are insignificant, or you think that each detail impacts each other detail, thereby impacting the whole.



These seconds when I'm shaking leave me shuddering for days.