Time is all I need

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Seeing myself getting back up and moving along the best I can
is something I am seeing. I am moving along. I
now know what I am going to do. I have decide tour
during the summer with my group and then move to
Tennessee and go to Austin Peay. I am not going
to be able to stay here and I take this as a sign
that maybe I shouldn't stay here. I am going to
go ahead with my plans and keep going strong because
I know that I can always come back to this place if I need
to and right know I just want away. I have to wait
till June 16th because I will then be able to move around
and tour with my group and do what we want to
do. I am even going to see what we can do in Tennessee
I am not going to move somewhere that there will be no
way for us to get any jobs. I am going to go look
and let my heart heal.