Time is running out

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I stood for a good hour just trying to figure out
what was going on. I can't belief how everything has gallen
into place. My sister left a couple of weeks ago
I moved finally and I didn't move in with the guy
I am "hanging" out with because I decide I didn't
want to get there and not have a way out. He was a
little sad but he understood what I was saying and
that is good because I don't want to be stuck
with something I can't change. Anyways a lot has happened
these last few days that has just overwhelmed me
Stuff that probably doesn't seem important by itself
but when it all comes to the point that
it all goes down at the same time then it gets
First my work pulled me off the floor, then cut
my hours and I have a car payment due this week
and the moneys not there to pay it. Which means
inless some mircle happens I am going to probably
lose my car. My car insurance is due and I can't
pay that either. I was going to take summer class
to finish my degree but I don't have the money.
Money cause more problems then it solves. Then a
lot of the girls from work wanted to go have fun and
we can't because none of us have any money.
A couple of the people are going to go get trashed
this weekend. And I think my hours have put me
on night shift and I don't like working night shift
because I would be a cashier and we get treated
like crap.