To all:

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It probably won't have much effect, but I just felt like saying this to everyone here.

Life is tough at times. Some of us may be going through hell right now. But keep in mind that most of us are through most of it. Once we have grown up and moved out, we can become anything we want to be. Each of us will be able to live out whatever romantic fantasy we might have; we will meet others like ourselves and won't feel alone; we won't have to suffer association to intolerant bigots in our family.

And keep in mind that things could be much worse. Be grateful for what you do have and remember the good times in your life.

We all feel sad from time to time. Feeling blue is just a matter of learning to get used to a new situation - you are too young to feel sad for the rest of your lives just because someone dies, or find out your parents don't love you, or something else tragic occurs. You are sad because something has made you question your dreams. But once you set things back in focus and dream again, you will be back on track. I've heard it said that it is hope that keeps everyone going from one day to the next, and I have to agree.

It is just a matter of holding on to your dreams. They might be all you have at the moment, but they are enough.


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I love what you say

it is really true. Really, nice way to say it. I'm surorised no one commented yet. Maybe they only took time to wonder about this. I know I will.
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I think this is more of a rea

I think this is more of a read think and act kind of story

i dont think it was ment to be answered, but i think a lot lately has been going on so hes just gettitng this out there

probably explaining why people havent commented.

I know people have read this
b/c i dont take the time to read much, but i took the time to read this

very well put
::standing ovation in background::

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thank you. thats very nice to

thank you. thats very nice to read :)

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Love you, baby.

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i like you

Your optimism is a breath of fresh air on this site. Sometimes I read uplifting words here and other times, i realize that people need to hear it too. I'm glad you took the time to write that.