To women with love

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A woman can be silent and the whole world will sit up and listen. Everything about a woman whispers mystery, power and beauty.... Everything she touches is blessed with worth. She commands respect with a voice that is not loud but reverberates with a violence... She is a mountain you want to climb and a hole that you wish would just swallow you deeply - completely. She sweeps eveyone in her path off their feet.

She is nature's most erotic figure. Fingers disappear inbetween the softest lips, cushioned on the pinkest tongue. A woman's mouth is her sweetest tool, with which she can give you shivers through kisses and words so blissful like "i love you" or orgasms to die from, in places so scared only kisses can caress. She holds pearls between her toes and heaven is in the stretches of her thighs... Ecstacy is in the arches of her shapely calves. A woman holds fragility at the point of her ankle and the true definition of plushness in her buttocks and beautiful stomach.


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oh my lord!!! i am completly

oh my lord!!! i am completly turned on. jesus crist you took women and transformed them into some kind of hevenly essence of beauty. sorry this kicked ass. write more please!!! i wish i could write as beautifully like that. n e way, your really talented. thanks for sharing that.

Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law. ~Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy, A.D. 524

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you explained it all

you explained it all. everything that one feels towards a woman of beauty. everything i thought i could not put into words, you did. how did you say everything so easily? that is a truly amazing poem. please write more.

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hmm gotta get me one of them!

a smile started to form as i real this one...
definitely wasnt long ENOUGH...

"the source of our insecurity has likewise become our intelligence. we know, deep in our hearts that our lives are but a fantasy, bravado- method acting."