Touchy subjects!

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Some people!

I think I'm better than a lot of people. Call me what you will. But in doing so, realise (that's how non-american english spells it) that you're proving me right - you expose your ignorance, and you look like a fool. Even if I look like a fool too - it doesn't matter, because you're proving me right.

And don't start an argument you don't want to fight.

Haha... next I'll write a poem because I feel sorry for poor Ghosba sensei, and I want to give him/her/it something to tear apart to feel better about the way people (myself included) have been ripping apart his/her wack poetry.

(Hmmm...I once started a fight at school just to watch someone blow up, although I never got involved. The girl flew into a fit and started screaming like a 2 year old, while I laughed from a distance. You can call it cowardice. I call it pleasureable. Human beings are so easily offended - stupid creatures.)

In a world where this whole PC ethic rules, people just can't hear the truth about themselves. They get so offended if you call a spade a spade and not a manual tool for digging or whatever. I LIKE people who tell me to shut up when I need to, or tell me my work is shit - coz it all helps me to grow and evaluate what's important in life. Sometimes I feel like this site is so sterile, and so devoid of genuine opinion, because everyone's afraid of offending anyone or making it personal. Fuck that. It isn't healthy. Just because someone gives you their honest opinion doesn't mean that you should hold it against them. By all means, fight back and make your case, but realise that in the longterm -none of it matters. It's all just an exercise in debate.

And your enemies will often tell you things about yourself that your friends dare not. Things like - "here's some constructive criticism: don't ever write another poem again."

So bring on the critics!

Okay..... so here's my poem for Ghosba sensei:

You get so worked up
Done up
Stiched up
(notice the rhyme?)
Over little things

I do this to watch you suffer
A little light entertainment after supper
(haha - genius!)

I take your lives
Your meaningless lives
And strike a match.

You fight so passionately for your banal existence
For your little world
And your little things.

You fight as if they would mean something in a hundred years
They don't even mean a thing now.

(Ah! That piece of crap poetry should make him/her feel better. Although, I think it's better than his/her own. Woops!). Does it sound like e.e. cummings wrote it? Hahahaha -fuck no! How can anyone be idiot enough to think that a lack of meter etc makes their work comparable to the work of a great poet (well, at least a poet I like)?

I shall now label this rant so that Ghosba sensei definitely reads it. And now, that I've vented a little (another reason people label things rants), I can go back to being cool with Ghosba sensei, or not.

I will sign this rant: "I am the queen of the universe."

You can decide if I'm serious or I'm joking.


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Okay... I'm having a bad day

Sorry Ghosba sensei.... check your inbox. Sorry to everyone else as well... In my country what I just did was "cause" as in "start causing a fight - or is it called a... 'flaming session'??" Sorry. I'm only human. For the record - I don't really think Ghosba sensei's poetry is rubbish, because it isn't terrible. Anyways, thanks for the apology man. I'm sorry too.

Signed: "Well behaved women never make history."

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Peace ash-z

I am officially saying that I do not wish to fight with you, I acted exactly as you did, so, I say, let us put this behind us, this site was probably not meant to be a battleground.

Furthermore, I promise to one and all that I will be more accepting of your criticisms. Say what you will, I will hold nothing against you.

"What is the purpose of life? It is to create our own purpose."

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I probably should'nt even bother getting involved, but I just want to check something; ash-z, you do realize that you're human too, even if you think that you are above other people, I hope that you realize that there is no avoiding being one of them, of us, you were born that way and it's not going to change. In fact, this post just proves your humanity; few other earthly organisms could ever react the way you did in this post. That's all. If you don't agree, I love philosophical arguments, and humanity is an objective thing, so...

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haha everybody has an opinion- i love you oasis. haha!

hmm that poem was deep ash-z

"You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to live to be a hundred"

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Pay attention

I said I didn't mind pointing out someone was acting like a fool, even if it meant that I looked like a fool in the process. But I hope you realise (english spelling)that's virtually impossible. Okay, I'm just playing around there!

I'd like to quit the human race though. It's so below me. I used to look down on heterosexuals (one group of many that I look down upon) because they seemed so closed minded and unaccepting, but now I gotta look down on homosexuals too, cause it seems all we (homosexuals) ever do is admonish people for having politically incorrect opinions. Damn man! All you humans are the same! Always gotta judge people, when you are the ones who need the judging.

Signed: the centre of the universe

PS. I will edit this comment and say something sensible when I'm fully conscious.

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I think that you will have a marvelous life, filled with great, meaningful friendships...I'm sure people love it when you treat them like shit, when you lord it over them like that. I mean, those are the foundations of long-lasting, loving relationships, are they not?

Grow up ash-z, nobody on this Earth gave you the right to act like you're better than them, or make them feel like they're anything 'less' than you. Although, from the sounds of it, 99% of the people on here are less of an hateful bitch than you are.

Oh, and you can stop pointing out that you're spelling 'realise' un-American, who gives a shit?


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Did I treat you like shit?

Wtf? Who are you? Did you realise (UN-AMERICAN SPELLING) that you're posting your two cents in my journal? Did I treat you like shit? Did I ever say I treated people I loved like shit? I'm going to have a fantastic life FYI, because I know how to take a joke and at least I don't read one comment by a stranger and assume that I know anything about who they are. Personally, if I had read my comments as someone else, I just would've thought that I gotta be mentally insane.

Wait... Did you just call me a bitch? Now, that - that was unnnnnnnecessary. Do you see why I now think I'm better than you? I'm not better than anybody else on this site except for you. Yeah, that's right. I love everyone else on oasis though.

Why are you jumping into things that have nothing to do with you? But I gotta thank you because you did exactly what I wanted - you proved that we all like to judge for being un-PC, plus you cut with the PC yourself and gave me an honest opinion... And one good favour (UN-AMERICAN SPELLING) deserves another:

Have a colourful (UN-AMERICAN SPELLING) nice day!

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I probably shouldn't, but

This was started by you, and Selekta, posting on Ghoba Sensei's poem, in his journal. So it seems to me that complaining about Sirens call posting on your journal is a little hypocritical. After all, if the poems section is meant to be about constructive criticism of poems, then the journals section is surely about constructive criticism of one's decisions.

Why are you jumping into things that have nothing to do with you?

The fact is, some of us are going to great lengths to try and make sure everyone is included here. That includes you, Ghoba Sensei and Selekta. Unfortunately, this site isn't big enough for all of us to be so inconsiderate to one another. What you are calling PC is generally considered just being courteous and respectful, traits everyone can benefit from. If no one went out of their way on this, I'd imagine that Ghoba Sensei might not want to come back here, giving him one less group of support. We don't want anyone to feel left out, so you and Selekta should be more considerate.

And I for one don't think any less of anyone involved in this. It's probably best to judge people by their strongest points, rather than their weakest points.


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No, you didn' treat me like shit, because up until my last post I didn't want to go anywhere near you, so you've never been able to.
Anyway, I didn't comment out of any desire to join in a fight or whatever it is that is going/was going on, rather to stand up for the little guy. I really can't stand it when people like you (yes, I know you'll get pissed off because I've grouped you into some sort of category) treat people like crap. YES, you did treat Ghosba Sensei (sp?) horribly when you wrote the things you did, THAT was unnecessary. I could have left that alone though...You made it so much worse when you started going on about how you're better than everybody else, I HATE THAT. Selekta used to do stuff like that, and I thought pretty much of her what I think of you now...But then I spoke to her on msn, and she turned out to be a nice person. Thus, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and I will not call you a bitch again (regardless of whether or not I think it.)

By the way, my 'two cents' and anybody elses on this site, is allowed to be posted anywhere here. I would never write something as nasty as you did without a reason to (you had no reason.)So, if you aren't willing to have hundreds of people that you don't know, read your stuff and comment on it, DON'T POST.

Oh, and you 'can take a joke'? Where the hell is the joke?!? And who's laughing? Not me.


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Okay, so I'm replying to my own post here. Just wanted to stop this ridiculous situation before it escalates any further, I can just picture it going on for ages, and I don't have the energy (or care enough) to keep replying. So yeah, I'll stop saying anything bad to or about you on Oasis...I never should have gotten involved, yes you were right about something. I'm not taking back what I said, or appologising, but I won't say it again.



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Reply to Sirens call

Listen, u had your opinion I had my opinion and they clashed- so what? In my mind, we weren't fighting/whateva. Most of the things I wrote were completely un-serious. But perhaps I should stop thinking of myself as better than other people. It was the way I was raised: good and bad, right and wrong, better or worse. (PS: We all do it sometimes, it's just that I said it). So maybe you do have a point (several), although you don't really know anything about me. From the looks of it, u pretty much think I'm a heinous bitch all of the time, but I'm not. I'm just honest about what I'm thinking: Honest opinion doesn't equal bitch (infact, I don't like that word).

I don't know u, so I have nothing against u. Don't judge me til u know me better, or at all. It's cool that you stuck up for the little guy, although that's kinda rude to say about Ghosba sensei, coz he kicked my ass. Sorry for what I said - it WAS uncalled for.

It has become a trend that I rub people the wrong way on this site. Ah well, I guess I'll shut up.

Have a nice day!!!