"Trans" gender option?

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Yo, Adrian!!! Would there be some way to add "Trans (m2f)" and "Trans (f2m)" tags for gender option?

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I love Trannies!

I love trannies! One of my best friends is a trannie. I'd love to see that added.

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I think...

Gender is something hotwired into the software we use, so it would need him to modify the actual application. Can he do this? Probably. But it would require him to make that same update each time he updates the software.

There are some more important things in the queue before this, I would think. Primarily sites, like oasismag.com/phishin/

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What is phishin?


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Ahh, software. Ain't it bitch

Ahh, software. Ain't it bitchin'? Guess i shouldn't complain--you guys do all this essentially as a labor of love.
"Phishin"--as in the band Phish

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