Tribute to Sappho

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I have decided that Sappho, being the amazing woman she was deserves a tribute so here it goes. Sappho was once known as a woman born from a legend until archeologists found out that she actually existed and was in fact the first modern poet of all time. She wrote of forbidden love but because her poems were controversal and becasue she was a woman they were destroyed. She played the lyre and sang her poetry as she played. History says she was in fact married to a rich man that she never loved so he let her do as she pleased on the isle of lesbos. So she taught women to play the Lyre and was known to have affairs with them. She wrote many poems about her students and how fond of them she was. Sappho is a very important woman in history as she is one of the only women in ancient history. There will always be a special place in my heart for Sappho.

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed Sapphos' tribute.


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Hey there... Thanks for posti

Hey there... Thanks for posting this. It was a cool thing to do. :)


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