UM Maybe Today

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The poll today happens to be what I have been seeing all
week. Pick A label. All week I have been told to pick
what I want from life a guy or a girl, a career
or friends, a life or no life at all. Its just making
a descision right know in my state of mind isn't the
best thing and I don't need labels why must everything
in life be labeled? Why must we label ourselfs to
get attention from society?I don't know why but I refuse
to at this moment label myself and I may never ever
label myself because what I labeled myself as once
no longer tends to hold true. See if I was to come
up to someone and go o.k. you don't know me whats
my sexual preferance? They would probably go a straight
female and you would be wrong but saying I am a
lesbian is also wrong and I don't much care for the
term bi. Sure it might work for some people but
at this moment what I was so sure about doesn't
seem to be the same anymore.
When it seems I am fighting depression again and
mood swings and everything else I have going on
I am 19 fuck it and I want something stable to hold
onto and a label isn't something stable in your life
and when you think you are you are wrong cause we are always change
and I think that may always be the thing for everyone
straight or gay, wrong or right, to breathe or not to


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preach on babe

I'd never lie to you
Unless I had to, I'll do what I got to
The you could slit my throat
And with my one last gasping breath
I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt - Tbs

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I didn't

I didn't mean to but the subject happened and I
just decide maybe I needed to.

Never give up if u stilll wanna try
Never wipe your tears if u still wanna cry
Never settle for the answer if u still wanna know
Never say u don't like him/her if u can't let them go