Untitled Poem

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Right. So after weeks of refusing to write anything about my boyfriend, I finally cracked. Here's what gushed out. Hope you guys like it. It's as of yet untitled.

Right now I feel too hot. I am scared that the heat only seeps from my skin. I’m scared it’s me. My fault. My shoulders are red in places that absorbed too much sunlight and now they’re stained, glowing, bright as it shines back out again.
I have never been afraid of feeling but I afraid of dealing with the repercussions of my thoughts, because sometimes ideas deform the universe. They make ripples, like a penny cast in a fountain. Chain reaction. Domino effect. I feel a little sick right now but I don’t want it to go away, I don’t want to have to change, I don’t want these streets reduced to places where your car has been, I don’t want to look at rooms like they’re just places where we’ve kissed, I don’t want to fall for you any harder than a feather, than the first leaf of September than the softest falling thing you could imagine.
Gravity acts with equal force upon all objects, big and small.
If we were in a vacuum, everything would fall just the same.
A girl you might not have loved screams my name.
She struts past me, and all I’m thinking
is that her tits her bigger than
mine will ever be.
Your smile is haunting.
I’m scared to let you touch me ‘cause I’m scared you’ll leave a mark.
Every time we talk you are left for hours, hanging in the air, inescapable.
You become everything I breathe.