Wake Me When the Dream Fades

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Church bells toll, sounding, ringing, screaming, and sighing
Each clash of metal another wound
Another scar that bleeds out of this wooden bed
Ruining my best suit, staining this moment bloody red
My flowers have all withered and faded
Like the eyes of the mourners
All of whom only dare whisper soft prayers
To light the way to golden gates
Or darken the fires of the burning circles
The candles grow old and cry wax tears
Light fades, final prayers echo in the dark
The lid shuts, and the door seals
Children sing the hymns as Iā€™m mourned to the black carriage
The metal horses follow, eyes burning as lanterns through day
Carried to the sea and the earth
Where the crosses mark the path and the stones build the bridge
The rain comes, from the stormy eyes of those once loved
Gathered they stand clad in their veils of black
Flowers for the soul the casket protects
The sky rains earth and my final light fades


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your biggest fan lol

wow, your poems always amaze me...your just a brilliant writer. keep them coming they are great. rowie x

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