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Freak-a-leek (spelling?)

"She loves to get her pussy licked... But bow down bitch, coz I ain't drunk enough to do that" (Probably got the lyrics wrong) Whaaaat? What the hell is going on in these lyrics? Disgusting man. Why do men freak when they have to give their girlfriends head, yet she's supposed to want to suck him off whenever he wants? Ah........see why I'm a lesbian?

Ah....I'm bored.

"Bight your lips and close your eyes"

Feeling extremely horny now.

Hey, I'm full of contradictions. I try not to be hypocritical but we're all human right? I've been conditioned by the society I live in to believe that lesbian sex doesn't really count as sex. When I told my best friend that I'd had sex with a girl for the first time she said "Oh, cool. But you know- it doesn't count. You're still a virgin." So I'm still a virgin according to her...... But am i? I'm still not sure, still don't have the confidence or conviction to be proud. Still I feel like I've had sex. Just wish I could get the voices of my parents and relatives, and "friends" and society here out of my head. Wish I could.....get rid of the shame and guilt. Anyway, yesterday, I felt like I have had sex - it was weird. I just sort of realised that fact while doing something arb. Ah.... I'm not making any sense. The more I learn about myself, the more I feel I don't know.

All I'm sure about is that I think having sex with a girl is a sexier thought to me than anything I could imagine with a guy. Guys try to take over... Rush too fast to the obvious places instead of taking slow detours along my curves. Guys expect you to give them blowjobs, handjobs etc - Personally that thing is highly overrated and funny looking. It's like it is never fair with a guy - he isn't able to appreciate everything beautiful about your body. He just wants to get INSIDE, whereas witha chick, there's that softenss, that urgency, that deep intensity that swells up in your eyes.... And all you want to do is fuck her and make her scream like she was born to. And when you say "I wanna fuck you" you mean, I wanna make love to you til you dissolve in pleasure. It's simultaneously rough and soft. "The pain of too much tenderness" And you never feel used with a girl. You feel free to be you. You feel valued. But maybe I just haven't met a guy I wanna do yet. You know, "mr right" - doubtful, very doubtful though... They're all the same. Silly niggas. Mr right turned into Mrs Right and I've already met her.

I think... I think... I must be bisexual. But right now I'm so gay. I'm so messed up. I think I'm just going to have to start refering to myself as a 5 on the Kinsey Scale, because the way I'm gay is a little hetero.

I'm a 5.

Fuck I'm still so horny.


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See why I don't like hip-hop?

Though now that you mention pussy-licking..... yuck.


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Pussy licking rocks

Haha... Thanks for your post.

Signed: "You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh because you're all the same."

"Well behaved women never make history."