What Now...

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Yep. That's who I'm going to be today. Ask me, and I'll tell you "Yeah, my name is Lola." I'm not going to act like a different person, at least not purposefully (yes, I spelt that wrong, I think), rather, I will just sit back and see what different bits of my personality the name "Lola" brings into focus. Who knows. It's really dreary out today, not at all sunny like yesterday. I think that I'll go to the park. Maybe it will rain, I'll have to bring my leopard print umbrella (it's one of those little foldout ones! Simply deliscious) and I'll wear my comic book-print all stars (they have kitty kat laces). It'll be so much fun. I think I'll be swedish, and make friends with little girls on the playground. I'll feed the swans, too. Fun fun. Well, that's about all. I'll bring a book too, or a notebook; writing or reading.
Maybe I'll write about Mac (insanely, his name is actually david.)! He is one of my besest friends, but only because we love to argue, and I always make sure that he has "good intentions" while befriending innocent little blond girls with boyfriends. He never does, but I make sure he doesn't do anything wrong. We both love to sit on Elisabeth and Jake when they're making out on the couch, becuase nobody needs to see that (they're both sort of ugly, and they're only in the eighth grade, and nobody likes them. Besides, if they need to make out that desperately, which they probably do if they're as much in love as they act like they are, they could at least have they grace to use the closet, instead of the couch.) We argue anarchy verses government, and whether or not internet chat sites are really as stupid and useless as I think that they are, among other things. We discuss which girls in are grade are the "hottest" and always disagree. I love freaking him out by saying that I think that his sister (a grade below us) is, I quote myself here, "ravishing." She is fairly much gorgeous, but definetly off limits. Mac is so funny. ha ha.