What up with all the guests?!!!!

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Doesn't it freak any of the users out that there are always hundreds of guests and only a few users on this site at any one time?

I mean right now there are 402 guests on this site, and only 6 users!!!!

What the fuck are all those people reading?!!!! Why are they just watching?

I think I'm paranoid, but really those people can read anything you write and my question is, besides the harmless bored/curious lot and those who are too scared to register, what are the rest of them DOING?!

Maybe I watch too many tv shows, coz I just think everything's a conspiracy...

Do any of you ever just check out oasis without logging in? Coz I don't like posting if I feel like I don't know who's listening.

Ah.... another boring entry.


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heeey relax

haha paranoia!

"You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to live to be a hundred"

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not all people...

A lot of "guests" are search engines like Google, spiders scraping sites for e-mail addresses for spam companies, etc.

Anyone/anything reading a page without an account is a "guest."

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I used to be one of those guests. It is a
little creepy now that I think about it,
though. Spilling your feelings in your
journal here and all those anonymous
people reading it.

But it's like that on a lot of places.
I'm on another message board and there are
always loads of guests there too.
I don't really like it, to be honest.
But what're ya gonna do, as they say.

"When you can't run, you crawl, and when
you can't crawl, when you can't do that, you
find someone to carry you."

"If nothing we do matters, then all that
matters is what we do."

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"Paranoia, paranoia, everybod

"Paranoia, paranoia, everybody's coming
to get me. So say you never met me."

Man, I love that song! Although you make a good point- I wondered about it myself, it is very creepy to think that people are watching, reading, waiting, lurking...

Ever since I was little I freaked out about hidden cameras, like Nanny-Cams, being in clocks and shower head and teddy bears eyes and stuff. Lol, I'm a freak!
So long and thanks for all the fish.

Vote Beeblebrox ;-)

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Once when I logged on there were over a thousand guests, wow. But yeah, I'm not sure which is worse: random people reading our stuff, or 'spiders scraping sites' which is what Jeff said. I think that sounds pretty creepy too. 8-|