What's the sexiest piercing?

Nose (anytype of nose piercing)
7% (5 votes)
21% (14 votes)
4% (3 votes)
13% (9 votes)
lip (lebrae, medusa, madonna etc.)
21% (14 votes)
15% (10 votes)
12% (8 votes)
...Other... ;)
7% (5 votes)
Total votes: 68


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If you pick "other" please fe

If you pick "other" please feel free to elaborate. Maybe you have a thing for suspension! I would like to know.

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I absolutely LOVE the lip. To

I absolutely LOVE the lip. Tongues are aslo not to shabby.... and Nipple.... yummm. Those are my top 3.... in that order too

The unpeirced Brian

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I've always loved bellybutton piercings. Don't know why

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I do not like "Prince Albert" thats the penis..... or the scrotum.... and the one that goes on the bridge of your nose.

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The bridge of the nose is so cute! On the right person. That's one of my favorite piercings. Tear. Two people I know, and some who I just stare at, have that piercing, and it looks really hot on all of them except one. So. Yeah. That's just me being outraged. I'm done now.

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Ear.. and lip.

There's this guy in my school who has an
earring in one ear. On everyone else there,
that looks awful, but on him.. gorgeous.

Lip piercings are good too, on some people.

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A really simple nose ring/stud on the side of the nose is absoluteley beautiful- unfortunateley I would look stupid with a nose ring- I'm too scandinavian to pull it off =(. My friend just recently got a nose ring and it looks awesome!

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a ring in the middle of the l

a ring in the middle of the lip(like travis from blink 182) is so sexy to me my lips are a little too big to pull it of so im getting venoms

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I prefer guys without piercings - it always seems like just wearing one should hurt, even though I know it doesn't.


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lip all the way

Definetely lip, so hot! On both boys and girls ;)
Yep Travis is such a hottie with that lip ring!

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There should be a piercings, yuck! option

I don't like piercings... heck, I'm one of the very few girls I know who doesn't have pierced ears, and never has.

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pretty much any peircing is at least semi-hot, as long as the fuckin thing isn't stretched out.

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Yeah they're okay

As long as it's no sexual parts, alright.
Erkk, what's with piercing sexy parts ?
I wish i could know how can someone like that =S.

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