What's the worst way to die?

Being burnt alive
50% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
Dissolve in industrial acid
0% (0 votes)
Mauled to death by dogs
0% (0 votes)
Sky-diving accident ending with you going 'splat'!
0% (0 votes)
50% (1 vote)
Old and alone
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 2


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Like a bouncy ball

I think this is so funny but don't know how true it is:

There was a girl in Zimbabwe (my country) a few years or whatever ago, who's parachutes didn't open and she smacked the ground. Anyway, people who were watching from a distance saw her body hit the ground and bounce to the height of a tall tree. Ha! ha!


How would you prefer to die out of this list, or any other ways you can think up that'd be bad? I'd rather be burnt alive than anything else.

Death is so funny, don't you think? It's so often, absolutely tragic and random that you have to laugh at it, or you'll go mad and never leave the house for fear of dying.

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I can't vote for some reason, but the worst
would probably be AIDS. But being burnt alive
would be absolutely awful too.

I think the best way to die out of all those
would be the sky-diving accident, because
you'd be dead instantly when you hit the
ground. Although it would be terrifying while
you fell.
But I heard there's some sort of calmness
when you're faced with certain death,
so maybe it would be okay.

Okay, I heard that from a TV show, but it
could be true. :)

"When you can't run, you crawl, and when
you can't crawl, when you can't do that, you
find someone to carry you."

"If nothing we do matters, then all that
matters is what we do."

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You people

You people sicken me. Stop being so morbid and lighten up! Life is way too short to dwell on the inevitable end. We are all going to die someday, so why not enjoy the time we have left?

"What is the purpose of life? It is to create our own purpose."