...when she's 15.

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Well everything is fine with my friends and I, thank god. The day after all the stuff I talked about in my last entry everyone was fine. ^_^ Anywho.
One of my friends asked me out today. ...what a shock!!!! I NEVER would have thought that she liked me. Whoa. I thought she was straight, too. Well, she's a good friend of mine, but I don't have feelings for her besides that. So I have to say no. One thing I hate is when people go out with each other when they don't really like each other. I don't want to hurt her, either. I wrote a note back to her and I wanted to give it to her today but I didn't see her at all after she gave me her note. It seemed like she was avoiding me.
Hehe my little sister is so cute. :) I love watching her grow up...I wonder what she'll be like when she's 15. I feel so protective of her, and I think that's how my next to oldest sister was with me when I was little. Like when my dad lived close to us, I felt really guilty letting my little sister go to his house alone. My dad can be hard to handle and I know that she wouldn't know what to do if he got in a bad mood. I felt like I always needed to be there so that I could just get her out of the room my dad was in and take her mind off of it. I don't ever want him to treat her the way he treated the rest of us. I hope I'm not overprotective, though. I don't want her to grow up always depending on someone for every little thing. Wouldn't that make it harder for her to gain confidence as she gets older? I have so little confidence, and it's really hard. But that might have something to do with my anxiety. Urgh, this is confusing me.
There's a boy at my school who thinks he might be gay. He is mad hott! Haha I never say mad hott... He's really nice, too. He's going to my friend's grad party so I'll get to hang out with him then. :)
Guys can be hott, but their "parts" are definitely not interesting me!