why cant we all just get along?

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why is everyone so angry?
the slightest comment and they go into bitch-mode...
why is it so easy to feel provoked and equally to provoke someone else?

why do people so get so angry or as i would like to call it- passionate?

why is everyone so insecure?
why do we think of people in terms of enemies and friends?
whats an enemy?
how can you bring yourself to call someone that?
isnt it a bit medieval/warmongerish?
i blame it on our leaders- their whole campaigns r based on fighting 'the enemy'- but who is the real enemy, or rather the greater 'enemy' - he who arouses the hate of a majority against the 'enemy' through manipulating the people's insecurities or rather... the insecurities themselves?

sorry my rants are never long.:(


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I get angry because at least

I get angry because at least I'm feeling SOMETHING. If I could be something more appropriate than angry every time I'm angry, I would gladly do it, but I often think in terms of trying not to be apathetic when it comes to emotion, and usually, anger makes sense in the spur of the moment.

But I must agree; the whole "us vs. them" routine does get incredibly tiresome. I think people like it because it gives them that one definite way to divide the world in two, so that they can hold on to easily definable, incredibly broad stereotypes as true without ever actually having to be in contact with what they're demeaning. When people cease to be connected to, to be part of something they dislike, that is when they cease to care about actually having real feelings and desires and actions, and rather, base their lives on an apathetic, ignorant, manufactured hatred towards whomever is classified as "them".

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This isn't a literary criticism site. Unless someone specifically asks for feedback, I would say that if you don't like a poem, just ignore it.