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I went to a party on the 24th and maybe the mix of
hot people and beer alcohol wasn't a good thing but
for the moment in that time I could forget all the
stuff that has happened this month. I thought
when I lived with my parents to much was happening
in this month what would happen in a year with my
parents has already happened I have so much stuff
go wrong and so much stuff fall through and so much
stuff that I didn't want to happen happen. I
just want my tour dates to hurry up and get here. I
am just waiting and I really wish it would get here
already. I am so tried of working and so tried of
feeling like I am. I have became to that point
that I thought I was past where I am feeling nothing
real and I know my life is a fake and right know
I am scaring my friends but this is the rollarcoaster
of emotions I am on right know. Sta said I had her
worried because one mintue the other night I was
happy then to the point of tears then angry and that
was just in one mintue. I hate feeling this way because I
know personally its not real but my friends don't