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k i'm out to everyone in my family accept for my uncle john(he's gay but it's just hard to tell him for some reason),my uncle wesley(he's an ass and gay as well but i hate him and he's not a big fan of me either),my grandma(she's catholic and about 72 and she denyz that her own two sons are gay!),and then my nephew(he uses gay as an insult and all that crap).i don't know exactly how to tell them especially not my nephew.he's 8 and yeahthat is young but he already says some pretty messed up things about gays.my sister wouldhate me if i told him but i think it would better for him to know.he might understand a little more.he knows he's my favorite out of basically everyone in my family and i raised him most of his life cuz my sister's a bitch.do you think he'd except it?then i'm dead afraid of telling my grandma like how do i start that conversatin/conffesion."hello grandma how are you?" "oh i'm fine" "oh that's great well i'm bisexual"(?).she'd probably end up stoning me or something or i'd give her another heartattack which wouldn't be good at all.so my question is how do i tell my nephew and my grandmother?how do i get skyler(my nephew) to understand?what if he hates me for it?should i wait to tell him?please i need help or advice.

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I was raised in a very Catholic background and my grandmother
was a lot more excepting than my own parents and
your nephew I would wait till he is a little older
maybe explain that gay is not to be used as an
insult. I am not sure he needs to now know what
is going on with you The part on how to start a
conversation with you grandma I am not sure I don't know how to
answer questions for another person you just have
to go with what feels right. Stay Strong S.

I tried to help but all I seem to do is hurt
not only her but myself Bonnie Mckee When it all comes down

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u can write to your uncle or

u can write to your uncle or something. or just wait till it feels right. there shouldn't be any pressure to come out. don't bother with an asshole unless it matters to you. tell your nephew ASAP cuz the younger the better. it the things you learn when you're young that set your standards for later life. he probably doesn't even know what gay means and only uses it as in insult cuz that's how he's heard it. be the first to explain it to him. most kids go "ok, some guys love guys that's cool" and maybe in some other situation he'll say, "don't say that's gay, my uncle ...is gay and he doesn't like it" and kids can look so innocent sometimes it shuts people up.

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he knows what gay means he knows what lesbianmeans and he knows what bisexual means.but when i go babysit him and my neices this weekend i'll tell him that i'm bi and i'll see what happens from there.and i told my grandmother.the first thing she did was go for her oxygen tank lol.she was really really disappointed(that she won't have more grandkids)cuz she thinks bi is just another "bullshit term for lesbian".and i know a way to tell skyler about me in an awesome way lol and a very amusing way too.

I want to cry but my pride won't let me.