A person that changed your life

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Ok, I know that this can be pretty cheezy, but I was wondering if anyone
wanted to write about someone that changed their life- a mentor or friend
or whatever.
Here is my person:
I had a flute teacher (she just quit) who was the most amazing person.
She was kind and funny and an incredible teacher. I learned a million
things from her, and they weren't all about flute. She taught everyone
to be a diva- proud, strong, full of inner beauty. I will miss her so much.
She gave me the courage to join an orchestra and stick with it. I looked
forward to my lesson every week- it was my little moment of happiness
in a hectic life. I am crushed that she has stopped teaching, although
I know that it was the right thing for her to do. She was going through
a hard time and needed less stress in her life so she quit teaching. I
admire her for knowing how to take care of herself, but I am unbearably
sad to see her go. She truely changed my life. She gave me a passion for
music, and the lessons she taught me I will carry with me forever.

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my ex-girlfriend....

my ex-girlfriend....

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How come shes an ex? just cur

How come shes an ex? just curious

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her parents didn't accept it

her parents didn't accept it so it made it really hard.

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My best friend

He taught me to not just care about myself, but to care about other people. He taught me how to know whether people could be trusted or if they couldn't. He also taught me how to love and trust someone BESIDES myself....but that's another story...
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whats the other story? just c

whats the other story? just curious

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My art teacher

My art teacher showed me how to go big or go home. And I still carry that with me.^^

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My sis

Might sound corny, but my youngest sister, the only person in my family who knows I'm gay. She was so accepting of me and my lifestyle and tried everyday to make me feel like a normal person. She helped to loosen up considerably and to be myself.

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The garden teache/instructor/goddess/whatever at my elementary school. She is awesome. She taught me so much, and showed many people including me how to be happy in a soul-crushing world. Go Rivka.

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Okay, some of you may disagree with this, but this is what I think... a person does not change your life, a person can only influence you to change your life... it is yourself that does the changing. But anyway, someone that influenced my life... my Elementary School Drama/Language Arts teacher. She helped me step out of my silent world. She helped me find my voice. She helped me find my passion for drama and writing. She helped me become who I am. But, though this may sound arrogant, it was I, who really made myself become who I am. So I owe credit to both my drama teacher and myself.

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Good point... nobody can make

Good point... nobody can make you do anything. It's all your own choices.

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My speech therapist from when I was a young child

He taught me how to talk correctly. I guess that would make him someone who changed my life because I lost that speech impediment a long time ago thanks to him

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one of the strongest bonds on

one of the strongest bonds one can have is between a student and their music lesson teacher. I miss my tbone teacher sooo much!

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brandon. --------------


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Sianna Meuzler the most beau

Sianna Meuzler
the most beautyfull person to me.
my ex-girlfriend. the only girl i have ever loved.
and the only girl that has ever hurt me soo bad.

i was hurt soo badly i swore i would never fall in love with a girl
ever again and she played a huge role in the development in
who i am today.


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My p.e teacher, who through e

My p.e teacher, who through everything gave me something to keep going for. She always seems to be there when something's gone wrong, and says something so innocent and simple, but it makes everything fall back into place. She taught me not to give up.

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There's a teacher at my schoo

There's a teacher at my school who stood up for me a few years ago when I was in trouble for kissing my girlfriend in the hallway. She told me that if I ever needed to talk I could go to her because she knew what I was going through. It really helped to know that, and I was interested to know that my suspected lesbian teacher was ACTUALLY a lesbian. I don't have her for any classes this year so it's hard to track her down when she's not teaching, but she's been a great source of support and is always there for a hug.

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Besides My mother

Well, My father, although not directly. He and my exboyfriend indirectly changed me to be bisexual. My mother as well, for being such good friends as we are. It is very hard for me to click with a male personality. No one person has really changed me or made a big difference directly. It's all a chain of events or moments ect that made me who I am.
Of course one of my best friends was my first lessie crush.

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My 9th grade science teacher.

My 9th grade science teacher. He showed me my love for physics and chemstery. I still go to visit him sometimes and now I am in 10 grade. I show him all of my cool new sciencs toys: electric blast furnaces, Stirling engines, LEDs, Rare Earth magnets made of NdFeB, hence my name. My life pretty much revolves around that kind of stuff now.

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