a song entitled: 'Reminisce'

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I take a drink to let loose
& I let my thumbs find yur belt loops
I hook them in & pull you to me,
Stroke yur lower back slowly.
Im sure yur kiss could
Be the end of me,
I never thought I'd
Die so happily.
The backround's going too fast
But we're moving so slow.
Our lips meet, sparks.
What a way to go...

We're living for nights we'll never remember
With friends we'll never forget
We're young, so let's
Make the most of it.

Never felt better
Than I do
With my arms
Around you.
You can blame it on the liquor,
Blame it on the booze,
Blame it on anything you choose,
Anything you want to.
But I know deep
Down somewhere
You really
Do care.
You don't have to
Say it now,
I'll be stickin'
Atleast until we're done...

Living for nights we'll never remember
With friends we'll never forget
When we're no longer young
And we think we've got all of 'it'.

So... Lemme know when
You know for sure
Cuz for you babe,
I've got forever.
It's no problem,
Take your time.
Why would
I mind?
I might have to
Wait an eternity
But you're everything
To me
And I've gotta couple books
I might give them a look.
I've bever had
So much fun
Waiting for

I'm waiting until I'm sure we forget about...
Living for the nights we'd never remember
With the friends we should forget
No one can have all
of "it".
I'll be awful close though,
When you decide so show.
Jest lemme know...
Till then I'll jest reminisce...


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i liked that. the way it did

i liked that. the way it didnt matter to you about the booze that you really did care for the one you were talking to. keep writing

Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law. ~Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy, A.D. 524

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good stuff

that was really enjoyable. i mean i couldnt get the exact beat down, but i kinda got a rythm going. its really good and i like the flow with the good ryhming.

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its acoustic...

f.o.b.-esque vocals
"You only hold me up like this cuz, you dont know who i really am..."

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Very nice the world turns

Very nice

the world turns beneath my feet,
and only my breath is still,
in the living night.