Alone and Little One

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I don't understand why I was left in the world
by myself why you left me what did I do? Did I make
you mad, because I tried to be prefect
I can't be prefect cause it wouldn't be real
I have flaws and scars that show I don't need you
for years I've grown up on my own.
No one raised me I raised myself I fought
to get everything I've got Don't think
I'll just give everything up for you
I'd like to but my pride won't let me I can cry but
won't let me lose to you

Little One

I'm screaming crying on the inside
The outside remains calm and strong
The little girl is on the inside scared
She's asking why I've changed and the only
way to see he is in my eyes

She wants to know why no one protected her
she wants to know why everyone turned away from
her she doesn't understand what she did all
she did was love

She was nice, always volunteered did what she
could and know the adult she built is not anything
like that The adult has learned to fight, learned
to be a snake and why she's screaming the adult
is crying herself to sleep.