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What do you do when you're mad? How do you get anger out? Bashing pillows, breaking things, yelling? What works for you? I recently had a discussion with a friend who thought I never got mad about anything, in fact I figured out I just don't know how to be mad. Sounds okay but it's not quite right, keeping things inside. I just wonder what you people do. (watch me pick up bad habits... oops)

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depends on how angry i get.

depends on how angry i get.
i am capable of becoming a total complete psychotic.
my favoriate way is to get in my car , drive somewhere
and scream ny head off. i get soo angry that i get really
sick a couple days afterwards.
it usually does the trick, or i will punch my punching bag
until i pass out. my body feels numb afterwards.
my psychotic homicidal fantasies satisfy me more then anything though.

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i break things.

i break things.


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Depends on the exact situatio

Depends on the exact situation, but usually, I play bass guitar until my fingers hurt, listen to lots of really loud music (Alanis Morisette is good when you're angry; better than any metal or angry punk) . . . sometimes, when I react directly to something that makes me angry, I just, well, get angry. Other, little things piss me off more easily and I have to logically and loudly point out to the person or people what made me angry and why. And then they get mad at me because they don't understand why I'm mad, and then I get more mad, and . . . yeah.

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Don't worry my friends don't think I get angry either, mostly because I've tried to avoid getting suspended from school. I'm glad to say I haven't gotten in a fist fight in 8 years and I'm trying to keep it that way.
Anyway back on topic, when a situation is making me mad I walk away if I can (this usually makes other people mad though), or I just start chewing the person out. And depending on how well I know the person my tiraid of yelling and cursing can last a while...

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I usually punch a wall broke

I usually punch a wall broke a finger last time though lol

If i'm angry at someone, rather than mildly pissed off, I normally go to my room and try not to scream or breakdown (This is usually when it's something big)

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You have provoked my hyperness with your post, beware!
Ok, sometimes I yell, sometimes I just dig away at people, I slam doors, used to practice self abuse, glare, pout, name it, I do it. The best is wearing relly muchly clunky shoes and kicking people, now there's a good time. Ok, don't take this too seriously, I got no sleep last night and am in no state to be taken seriously. kisses,
Lit ; )

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Ranting, mostly

When I'm angry.. I rant on and on, to
anybody who will listen about whatever's
pissing me off. Mostly I get told to shut
up, haha. But I do it because it's better
than keeping everything bottled up inside.

I guess I swear more than usual, too.
Fucking this, and fucking that. Haha.

When I want to cool down a bit, I read
one of my 'Calvin and Hobbes' books.
That usually works.

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matters is what we do."

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susally i find alil empty spot in the pit of my stomach and cram it there..haha jk. only sometimes, usually i rant, or cry...or write, or run around, like im in a hurry but im not going anywhere. Also, if its my little brother (by two yrs) than we pick real fights and actually fights. Thats fun. Too bad hes reached puberty and could totally break my arms now. oh well

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i used to punch walls.. but i

i used to punch walls.. but i fractured my hand after switching to punching door frames after having dented the wall in my room too many times. whew. i bought a punching bag, so now i smack that around or i run. i also listen to appropriate mood music :-)

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I throw things. If i get piss

I throw things. If i get pissed things will be flying across the room. But it cant be a little pen or something. It has to make a huge banging sound or i'm not satisfied! Or if i cant find anything to throw i jump on my bed and beat up my pillow and thrash around like a phsyco.

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It really depends, but mostly when I'm angry I scream along to music- generally while drawing and sobbing at the same time. Or I destroy things. Or I just cry.

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A couple things

Whoever says that you can't find comfort at the bottom of a liquor bottle obviously is crazy. ;)

Seriously though, if I'm mad and worked up, a cocktail or two really does calm me down. It usually doesn't help me to talk about being mad, as it tends to be about things that I can't change (like stupid people, gay Republicans, etc.). Doing something musical to take my mind off things helps sometimes, too.


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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Self harm

Kinda on the same thought, i was just woundering if most self-harmers hurt themselves mostly when their angry or mostly when they are sad? or both?

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i cry. then i try to calm do

i cry. then i try to calm down and think about something else--escape through a book or something. then i deal mentally,.

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cry. and then sometimes i dr

and then sometimes i drink...and i hate myself afterwards for it.
most of the time i just go to sleep to get away.

life is hell.
enjoy it while you can.

'...people are, by nature, sad
so be it then, it isnt all that bad'
~from a russian poet whose name i cant pronounce, nor remember...