bloody hell!

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My brother is in the living room screaming at my mom and using me as a scapegoat for all of his problems.
-Emilee won't ride the bus two towns over for school
-Emilee said this, Emilee said that
and all this other bullshit which is supposed to explain why at 29 he is living on our couch and all this other crap. How is it my fault? How the hell should I know!!!!
He's right my mom does drive me to school and pick me up everyday and for good reason. We live 10 miles away, too far to walk, and my classes start too early for the bus not to mention that my mom agreed to do this for me and I can't possibly be ruing ing his life can I?

And they're just screaming and screaming! And I can't even go out there and defend either one without getting torn up either way! I hate this!!!


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you know what you sould do if

you know what you sould do if you want your brother to move out? i've tried this several times and it hasn't worked yet, but maybe you'll have more luck with it. get all your brothers stuff, preferrably when he's not home, and put it all in cardboard boxes. then, put all the boxes out the front of your house, and lock the doors. you will probably just get a punch in the stomach like i do, but you never know, it might work. and if it doesn't, its still a really fun practical joke to play on people. i have stopped doing this, as last time i tried, i refused to let my brother back in, so he smashed his way through a window with a cricket bat, and, beleive it or not, i had to pay for it to be fixed.


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I can't wait till my brother

I can't wait till my brother moves out as well. He's 25. It's not happening before I do though, and I'll probably be through with uni before he moves out.


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haha me too

my brother is 19 and i am moving out at the end of the year (woo no more high school) andmoving closer to the uni i want to go to, and he is gonna be at home till he finishes uni in three years.'sif you'd saty at home if you didnt have to, i mean, he has a good job and can afford to move out, but he wont.