Bored musings on childbirth

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Most of my friends are out of the country right now, several in Canada with French club and another in Germany on exchange, which means that I have been abandoned.
Actually it means that I'm spending way more time than is healthy with myself thinking about things.

This may be a bit offensive so proceed with caution

I have decided that I don't want kids, actually I've known this for quite a while. But I've been watching the Discovery health channel (yes, i know, I need to do something more productive with my time....)I like the surgery shows, reconstructive, plastic surgery, and the ones about people attempting to raise anywhere between five and 15 kids, odd i know. but of course between the more intriguing shows the have ones about "the miracle of childbirth" in which you get to watch some stupid couple hope and pray for a healthy baby and then struggle through labor and then pick out a meaningful name...blah blah blah, etc.

Supposedly it's all supposed to be beautiful and uplifting, unless of course one is like me and hates the idea of pregnancy and giving birth. I really don't know why i force myself to watch it, I guess i'm hoping that something will go horribly wrong or maybe that the woman will give birth to an alien....maybe i'm just really bored and pathetic. That's probably it.

The only way that I would ever have children is if i were to adopt and in that situation i've decided that i would want to adopt an older more self sufficient child because they're harder to place and they come with an already developed personality to make them more interesting.

Some of my friends don't seem to understand this particular rationalization (i have about four that agree with me) and think it would be just wonderful to feel something "growing inside them" The phrase actually makes me feel sick to my stomach and i get all shuddery, and they don't understand why i wouldn't want to experience the same.

They like to reason that if my husband (I have made very clear to these people that i do not under any circumstances want to get married...seriously i'm so obviously gay it's pathetic! And yet they don't seem to get it...poor them.) wanted a child i would give in. right, me...give in.... But really people shouldn't give in to that kind of thing if it's not what they really want, which is what i proceeded to tell them.

My brother is also under the assumption that as i am female i am, of course, a child bearer. He laughed me off when i told him that i wasn't having kids the first time...i think he gets it now, what with my getting very angry and spitting fire and shooting definsive laser beams out of my eyes....

My poor mother likes to delude herself with the theory that everything i am is just a phase and someday i will be normal like my older brothers and sisters, if you can call my brothers normal.
My mom loves kids, she gave birth seven times (bleck, eww, ick) so the fact that i am very open about appreciating abortion and not wanting children bothers her a bit even though she won't come right out and say it....

Child birth...gross.... I don't know if i could be in a relationship with someone who wanted to give birth, I'm not sure i could handle nine months of pregnancy followed by the whole birthing process and then squalling infant.... It's horrible that i feel this way, but i can't really help it....

What think others of childbirth?


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I don't know...

I'd love children, but I don't think I'd ever want to give birth. Why would I, when it would cost so much, and yet there are so many unwanted children in the world?
I don't know when I'd want children though.
Your mum may be a little freaked or whatever about you not wanting kids, but who cares? If you don't want kids, don't have them, lol.

I'll always be.... yours fatally....

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I agree

I follow very similar rationale, and childbirth is just squicky!

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I think pregnancy and giving

I think pregnancy and giving birth is fine. I'm just confused about whether I want to give birth someday or not. To me, it seems like it's such a huge thing to experience and if I don't go through it I'm not taking advantage of being a woman. But that's probably an odd view on the whole thing, am I right? Hmm... but I see where you are coming from.

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