break your pencils darlin's school is out for the summer!!!...kinda

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wow, i haven't posted in a really long time...oh well...

So school's out, my sister is graduating, and because of this I can now pursue this girl that she hates with a burning passion. Hooray! Also, yesterday was the last day of school, and I seriously doubt I'll see my friend that I've been drooling over for well over two months now. I know most people think that, that would be a bad thing, but I really want my feelings for her to fade because it's, well...uncomfortable to be having such dirty thoughts about someone as sweet and nice as her and as good of a friend as she is. Though she does flirt back and she is Sigh, two weeks until summer school! I'm taking religion and computer literacy, which sucks because the religion class is about "life choices" and "morality". Basically it's sex all girls school style! So nt only will they skip over homosexuality, but I'll have to lug around an egg in a basket for a week. On a randomly more pleasant note, I'm going to see Rocky Horror on the 11th!


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you lucky b**** (in a nice wa

you lucky b**** (in a nice way) school iz already over for you!
you un-lucky soul, catholic morals... baaa hahahahahaha
lol computer lit... ill ping u later

she holds the pen that spells the end