Bunch of Stuff

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Yah, I have a lot of stuff to talk about. Not really sure where to start... well, it's holidays here now. I've been at my new school for just over two weeks, and I'm really happy there! I'm sad at having to leave a couple friends behind, but I have more friends now, and I'm going to keep in touch. (Note to self, email them tonight.) So that's good. I got my report back the other day: 2 A+'s, 9 A's, 4 B+'s and 2 B's. 17 grades in total, and some ungraded stuff(just satisfactory/completed or not). It's pretty good, but I could have done better.

And writing! OMG, I'm so excited right now! Today I just wrote 1707 words on my old NaNo story, and it sthould be finished in 5-15 thousand words, probably over this weekend. I'll have a major rewrite to do later, but I'll have finished teh first draft. It's so close!