came out to one more

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so just a little while a go i came out to my sister. i wasnt even going to today, actually, i dont know when i ever was. but i was going to eventually. anyway, today in the car my mom pretty much told me i should come out to her before she left. lol, i look back and think thats the first time ive heard of someones parent making them come out to someone. oh well, i was fine doing it. anyway, so i told her and she was the only one so far who already knew. she said she had guessed that and was trying so hard to keep the gay jokes to a minimum around me. the first thing out of her mouth was "so do you have a girlfriend?!" oh sister...but yeah, things went really well. shes now excited cuz she can make gay jokes around me, and she made like three after the first five minutes of my coming out. whatever, i can take it. so yeah, just wanted to share a successful coming out story to all of you!


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Good for you

That's great that she took it so well, and even that she knew already. You guys must be close. I wish my sister took it that well...she freaked and is still in denial about it.

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im sorry

im sorry your sister feels that way, but she might change her opinions over the years, you never know. my sister and i didnt used to be close at all, mostly cuz theres such a big age difference. but over the years we've gotten better, so your sister might have a breakthrough one of these days, hopefully.

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my sister wasn't shocked that

my sister wasn't shocked that i like girls, just that i've never been atracted to guys. do you ever wonder how your sister knew?

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yeah i wonder

yeah, i guess i kinda wonder how she knew because she never really lived with me until recent years. and even then i dont think i acted too gay. i mean, no one else caught on. but i guess thats just something she'll always know and maybe i'll find out in time how she knew it.