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I don't know what to say, except that I'm pretty confused. As far as things have been going with my bestfriend...she's still with her boyfriend, but we hang out all the time. I've been in love with her for almost two years and I can say that i've barely looked at anyone else. Well, for the first time since I've met her, I found myself attracted to a co-worker. She's hot and i'm gonna stop working there over the summer, so i don't think there will be much complication (famous last words). Anyway, i catch her looking at me and she caught me looking a few times as well. I can tell there's something there, especially the way she holds my gaze, so i decided to drop a note on her car after work.
I basically wrote that I think she's really cool, but that i don't really know for sure yet, so that's where i told her that i'd like to get to know her and dropped my number. Okay, here's the question. I'm not scared to go to work, but i have butterflies, because if someone dropped a note like that to me, I'd be pretty sure they had a crush too. So anyway, would you guys be suspicious? - I'm kinda hoping she is suspicious.


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I would be a little suspiciou

I would be a little suspicious. Maybe you should have specified something, like "Would you like to go see a movie?"


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way to go!

even if it is kinda suspicious, at least you did something. tell us how it goes.

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We talk much more than we used to at work. She's the only one there I can actually feel comfortable around, everyone else looks at me awkwardly, like I don't belong there or something. Well, she doesn't look at me like that at all, infact, she looks at me more. hhaha so, I asked her to grab some coffee with me one night after work, but she doesn't drink coffee. AARRGH! "Um, they have hot chocolate :)" but it didn't work! ARRGH! hahaha She still stares at me more than ever though - maybe I just look funny.