creepy play

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Today was my first day of finals, only three left thankfully. I have so much crap to do, i have a huge project for my ap us history class to type up and some extra credit to do for math.... I wrote this hilarious play on homophobia in society (final project for ap, had to be on a social issue) it's really disturbing actually because pretty much everyone ends up dead in the end and the main character, Mr.Elm, goes insane....I even made little scene pics to go along with it...the characters look like deformed south park rejects....

I spent my last actual math class listening to this creep go on and on about her drunken slutty escapades and strangely enough she referred to every male contact she has as a 'fucking fag', really inappropriate in a classroom setting if you ask me...thankfully all i have left of that class is my final on thursday and then i never have to deal with her garbage again. bah, summer.