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No, I'm not new here. I've been around here for quite a while, I guess I just am not here all the time and I sometimes go a long time without logging onto Oasis...

Well, I have this dilemma. I supposedly am a lesbian, but I like my boss... He's 23, I'm 18, and I find him cute in a dorky way. I like him to the point where I have said, "I want to bang (insert his name here)" to my friends that I can be totally open and honest with. I also have been looking at other boys recently and thinking they were cute. I'm so fucking confused now...

Do gays sometimes have crushes on those of the opposite sex? Is that normal? Am I bi?



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Wish I could help you there..

Wish I could help you there... I'm in a similar situation. :P

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Doesn't sound too difficult. You like girls and now you like a guy. Sounds bi, or at least one of those 18 other new terms that mean bi.

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maybe it's a phase, maybe you

maybe it's a phase, maybe you're bi, maybe your sexuality is changing, i don't know. but this is my advice: don't worry too much about the label. or label yourself as questioning for now. there's no rush with that. just go for the guy!

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thanks... I don't know if I can go for the guy though, since he is my boss, and my friend (who also works where I do) said she thinks he has a girlfriend...

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this type of situation used t

this type of situation used to always freak me out,
but after awhile i just got used to it. i still become really
suprised and stare if i get caught off guard and a really
good looking chick pops in front of me without me knowing.
i was just suprised i even cared about girls anymore,
i am still adjusting to it. that guy you like?
if you don't go after him , there will be more that will
get your attention, and when it does happen..do it.
do it.