Do you find girls with shaved heads attractive?

Yeah definetely!
2% (1 vote)
58% (26 votes)
Not at all!
40% (18 votes)
Total votes: 45


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I find long hair extreamly se

I find long hair extreamly sexy! (but on the right person short hair can look hot too, i'm just not into the shaved head tho)

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oh yeah... demi moore in GI Jane...she was so fucking hot in that!! Yeah i think some girls with shaved heads can look totally hot!

~If we were all the same, life would be boring

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It definitely depends on the

It definitely depends on the person. Some girls can be VERY hott with a shaved head, on others, it can be comletely horrendous. Very few girls can actually pull it off.

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Obviously not!

How about you eliminate "girls with" from your question next time?

Guys with shaved heads aren't as good as with a decent amount of hair.


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Not really...

I like playing with hair. And smelling it, if it's fairly clean. I also find it very pretty, so I doubt I'd be able to find a girl with a shaved head quite as attractive as one with hair (even very short hair).

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Once in a blue moon

I'll like a girl with a shaved head but not usually because I have a thing for hair. Cool pretty hair that I can run my fingers through and give noogies to and bury my head in to and all those other cliches. The hair doesn't necessarily have to be long just there(I'm not talking about a crew cut here but like yeah)