Enough already

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So I feel like A huge weight is sitting on my heart
There is only one person who can remove it and I
won't let them. I am just locking myself in my
own world and fighting everyone who trys to follow
me I got in a fight last night and have a black eye
this morning to prove it but nothing is broken.
I had a restless night and I want to know why I
am suddenly getting like this.
I fight whoever gets in my way
I won't let anyone love me
I hate everyone at this moment in time inculding my band
I feel confused
I feel like I have let people break my morals
I feel lost and I feel like I am hurt
I am writing a lot and it makes no sense
I don't know what I am doing anymore
I don't want to live some mornings
And then I want to just to show people I can
go on in this world

I didn't ask to feel this way and I wish I
didn't but I don't know where to turn or who could
help me. Being low on money nothing I try seems to
help. Yet I can't let anyone see whats on the inside
because a lot of them would freak and run away from me
I know some of it has to do with trying to find out
who I am all over again I don't know who I am
except a person with a name here with some propuse
and I need to find out what that is and why I was
put here and who I am then maybe all this will go
away and worst of all I cut last night and I hate
myself for being to weak to not be able to stop
it this time.


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i think that everyone isolate

i think that everyone isolates themselves sometimes. maybe some people would run away but a lot probably wouldnt. and...i know this sounds stupid but try not to hate yourself. you had a lapse in judgement, but thats in the past now. i hope things get better for you...