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So I was just chatting to one of my friends about drugs and stuff and we got to talking about lsd(acid) and he was trying to convince me that if you do it 7-9 times you are considered clinicaly insane. I did some research and found no proof so I asked him where he heard this and he said it was "common fucking knowledge"

I was just wondering have you ever read/heard of this and know of any studies/statistics that supports it?


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...never heard of anything li

...never heard of anything like that before...sounds like govt propogated bullshit to me.

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I've heard that before

sometimes people say it about shrooms too. I just think a person who's used brain destructive chemicals that strong that many times, just has brain damage to be honest.

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I have taken acid more than 100 times in my life (at least).

The best drug resource out there is Erowid.

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