Everybody knows.

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They all look at me
Smile at me
Talk to me
Laugh with me
And when I leave
Laugh at me.

In my absence the whispers
Start slithering their ways
Into gullible ears
Of people I used to call
Friend, some still so incognito
That I still do wave and think
They are my friends.

No point in being paranoid now though,
Because what I thought to be my biggest fear-
That they would judge me
Has already been fulfilled.

They all know.

At least I have learnt that my prime
Fear was never than they would judge me,
But even worse,
That I would lose her.


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Who cares if everyone knows? They're not important. All that's important is your future and your present... and making sure you're happy. If being what they want, or hiding makes you happy - go for it. But if you'd rather stop apologising for who you are, and just live then you're being honest. And honest people are always the people who face the most opposition because people don't get why they just can't fit in and stop causing waves... or something like that.

Don't ever hang with people who are more concerned with who you should be (in their eyes) instead of with who you really are.

Signed: call me what you will.

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Stop apologising

You're wasting your time - you've done nothing wrong. Plus your apologies won't make any of them feel better until you do 'what is expected of you' and act straight again.

They should be sorry for their unreasonable demands. I'm sick of them. You're only trying to be happy - why is that such a crime. Stop apologising. You're making them feel like they have a right to say what they're saying.

Refuse the two cents babe! We're not beggars.

Signed: call me what you will.