Everything that has happened

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O.k. so I haven't been on in a while. That is because
I took a long trip home to say the least. I went
on tour with my band to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona,
Neveda and Kanasa. Arizona as everyone knows is home
for me. I have decide so many things and have decide
what I want to do but not who I love that is just
up in the air right know. Anyways so the 16th we
took a flight to Texas, Danny had drove the truck down
on the 14th. So he was going to meet us at the airport
with a rental car for the trip also cause
with all are equipment we couldn't all fit in the
truck. So that day went fine 4 concerts and then
back to the hotel. So the 17th we also where still
in texas and we did 10 concerts that day. Then went
out and hit a very clubs. Then on the 18th we hit
a college campus and did 12 concerts. The 19th we left for
New Mexico and did 4 concerts that night. Then got a hotel
Then the 20th we did 10 concerts and hit a few clubs
The next morning we left to go to Neveda. We where leaving Arizona
till the end. On the 21st we hit a bump. Josh who
is new to are band was sick and he is are only bass
So I took Erik's eletric guitar and Erik took over
for Josh for are 10 concert night's again The 22nd we
took a break so Josh could get a little better. We
did some promotional stuff and did only 4 concerts
still no-Josh. On the 23rd we went to Kanasa and
Josh was better. Driving all night and part of the 23rd to Get to
Kanasa was no fun. With only four drivers AND two vehicals.
We got a hotel and slept. On the next day 24th
we did 18 concerts the most. We left that night
to go to Arizona me and Danny going back to a place
we wheren't really wanting to be. When we got there
we crashed at Danny's house. His parents are cool
with the gay issue on me and him. That night the 25th
we did 21 concerts but they where small and alot of
them close together so not a lot of running to do
The 26th was a emotionally day.
We had no concerts and everyone was planning on
going home. I decide to go see my siblings before
I went back to Ohio. When I got to the house my
sister Emilina answered the door and went to shut it in
my face but I was feeling brave and caught it and swung it
back she looked shocked. My little sister Hannah who is 4 know
came running in and grabbed my leg. Which brought
my brother Alex 10, David 8, Tommy who's b-day it was and my other sister
Jordon into the main room with Mom and Dad on their heels
I had by this time picked Hannah and Tommy up
My dad did something civil and asked me to please
come in. Emilina looked ready to throw a fit. Rice
are newest member came into the hall at that point and
looked confused as to why everyone looked in varouis stage of
angry or happyness. She had the guts to ask which
in my opioion was brave of her. Anyways we moved into
the kitchen. I had told Bethlina about my liking
guys and she had unknowingly told Kat and Kat had
told my parents that I did like guys so maybe I
was bi and not completely lesbian. I was treated
differently like my sexual maybe changing or at least
my showing some interest in guys was nice and I was not
happy and then I was also sad because that meant
so many things had changed I think at this point in
time I am ready to stay in Ohio and go back
to my college in the spring and then in the summer
next year go to Tennesse and go to Austin Peay.


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is that all?

Just kidding. Sounds like your life is full of activities and emotional circle-jerks. What kinda music do you play?

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Rock and a mix of emo. Since it seems to be label that

I tried to help but all I seem to do is hurt
not only her but myself Bonnie Mckee When it all comes down