frustrated on sex and realationships.

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heres the thing. im 6'2 and wiegh about 165. im very in shape and you can tell if you look at me. im not bad looking at least i think so. and im not trying to be vain even though even to me thats how it sounds. im having the worst promblem trying to find someone who wants to date me instead of just have sex with me. dont get me wrong. sex is good but i want something more than someone wanting me for that one particular reason. im smart and funny so why do poeple just want me for sex. god i sound egotistical. but it just really frustrating. what is it with poeple and sex. i like it and i know others do, but should it be the only thing that that pushes a realationship. or is it a phase people are going through during this age. god im so confused. i just want an honest realationship that doesnt have to be driven by sex. am i stupid? is there no way for someone to have a good long term realationship that isnt centered on sex. shoudlnt it be based on more than that. ahhhhh


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just wait

sit back and enjoy life...things will fall into place.

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promiscuous gay people


everytime i watch tv and read books, it seems homosexuals have been put into this... um.. promiscuous light. i've just come to associate gay relationships with sexual freedom and such. i think i probably get this from watching queer as folk too much... im the type of person that likes to generalize and i was wondering from your experience that this type of generalization is somewhat correct?

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well, actually in my experian

well, actually in my experiance most homosexual people want to be ina commited realationship. of course, the people that im talking about are in colorado and are bi curious women who just want to exsperiment. i dont find it true that homosexuals tend to be promiscious though i beleive that we are more open about sex. im just having trouble with women who want to exsperiment. hope that answered your question

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