gay villains

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i'm a big fan of cartoons. lately, i've noticed that there are so many gay villains. they act effeminate, despises females, and are seen as the epitome of evil (EXAMPLE: HIM in powerpuff girls). i have yet to see a cool, non-stereotypical gay character portrayed as a hero.

i think this is a serious issue. kids are constantly exposed to these messages. what do you guys think?

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Actually, I think HIM is supp

Actually, I think HIM is supposed to be andogynous, i.e. like how Satan supposedly is.

Hmmm, I can't really think of any non-stereotypical gay heroes because if they're not stereotypes, and there's not relationship going on, you can't tell if they're gay or if they're just not interested, or if the writers for the show felt that romance would bring it down, or whatnot.

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no. desire is androgynous..

lucifer is just fucking smooth =)

You need to bone up on your Sandman =P

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Sandman! Woo...

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heh...him eh?

i thought him was neither man or woman i thought him was a crab or somthing wierd,do crabs have gender,how do we know?

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Actually, Him IS gay! The

Actually, Him IS gay! The episode where the Dynabot was destroying the city without the Power Puff Girls in it, they pictured Him inside with very muscular men in Speedos fanning him with feathers! It's true!

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or or..

like stewie in family guy.

he's my hero though

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Stewie is awesome

Stewie is awesome

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He is totally awesome

but is he really gay? I always thought of him as gay, but he always seems to want to get with girls too. So I'm thinking bi...

I know there's "black sheep," but what about rainbow ones?

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tis interestin...

okay yes first of all stewie rocks!!! anyway, what i really wanted to say was, there was this thing going on with Spongebob Squarepants......... okay there are people saying hes gay and hes an awful cartoon for kids to watch.... okay get this.. do five and six year olds really think about the inclinations of spongebobs and patricks holding hands? and another thing, gosh danget, is that kids arent going to think of that kind of thing anyway, they are cartoons.... not sex symbols for children..... geeeeeeez. yes tis true that spongebob tis a little fruity, and i was in hot topic the other day and saw some wristbands, with rainbows that bore pictures of dancing spongebobs... but still hes a freaking sponge anyway you know.... do sponges even have genders???? i love spongebob, and actually being as gay as i am i didnt even think of the possibility of him being even homosexually funny, i just thought he was a funny cartoon that my kid brother loves to watch so i occassionally watch it with him, i took him to see the movie, i am a cartoon lover when in the mood and we both had a great time... thing was the theater wasnt even full and it was the first night... grrrrrrrrrr. omg so what if patrick is a pink starfish.... omg its going to corrupt the good natured children of america because they are going to automatically asume spongebob squarepants, is a fag.... goodness me....i mean, he doesnt even have genitals does he, since when have they given kids cartoons, sexual attractions at all.... name any cartoon for children under ten that has obvious genitals.... really is there one? in america???? noooooooo, i cant think of one.... id rather not if there is because that is desgusting!!!! who watns there kids to watch a cartoon that is quite OBVIOUSLY just disturbs me.... i suppose............. he may be fun loving but it doesnt really matter if he and patrick hold hands and sing a song does it.... i mean thats stereotypical anyway.... the only time ive seen gay men do that is when there joking anyway, or if there on drugs or something... but heck honestly heteros do that tooooooo..... omg heaven and hell forbid that spongebob SQUAREpants is going to turn a six year old child homo before he even knows what the reproductive system is..... sheeshhhhhh.
okay sorry there, just twas disturbing, tis one of my fave cartoons....
poetry tiff

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guess what

if you watch pokemon,james from team rocket in my eyes is gay.but thats just me.check it out man.

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Ya, James probably is gay.

Ya, James probably is gay.

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this topic reminded me of a southpark episode that shows satan and sadam hussein as gay lovers. it's not really good for our rep when they connect us to the devil and to terrorist dictators, is it? i've also heard somewhere that hitler was gay, anyone else heard about this? it's probably just some rumor that the right-wing tried to stir up to hurt us.

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I've read that there's a good deal of evidence that Hitler might have been gay.


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If Hitler was gay I'm wonderi

If Hitler was gay I'm wondering why he sent thousands of homosexuals to die in the concentration camps alongside the Jews and others.

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Pretty repressed, it would seem

A quick search on google reveals this.

It's been said that homophobia can be a consequence of repressed homosexuality.


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People only get passionate in fighting something when they're trying to fight it in themselves. Whenever someone is too homophobic I always remind myself of the army dad on American Dream the movie. Heehee...come out come out wherever you are.

But it's not just in cartoons, I see gay stereotyping everywhere on tv and in the media. Have you noticed that gay people very rarely take the main parts? They're always either the totally feminine guy dressed in prada and pink or the butcher than butcher, funny lesbian. Anyway, I'm sick of it all.

I blame the governments, and the churches and the kkk. Haha... okay that's not logical.

Signed: call me what you will.

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He was jewish too

As well as having possibly been gay, Hitler was jewish, and he had mental problems. He also wasn't blonde or blue-eyed... seeing a trend here?

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Just look at the President of

Just look at the President of Zimbabwe. Homophobic as HELL. I maintain that homophobia is a defense mechanism.

You have my support. Fred Phelps has my hatred.

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Dear Bob!

Signed: call me what you will.

darkhuntingtiger's picture some cases, such as some cases, such as Sailor Moon some of the villans were gay...but in this case it is American censorship that keeps them from appearing on TV.

For example, Season 1 of Sailor Moon, Zoysite (in my icon) is a gay man in the show, however in the US version, they make him a woman. They don't reanimate anything. They simply give him a female voice so kids don't know that homosexuals exist, I guess. But I remember some of my friends saying "is that a woman?! That cannot b ea woman! That is the most flat-chested girl ever if thats a woman!"

And in Season 4, there is a cross-dresser named Fisheye who rarely appears wearing anything except for female clothing but is always after men. Once again, Fisheye is turned into a woman, although in this case, its not nearly as obvious.

So, in some cases, America won't even allow gay people to be villans because they don't want kids to see them. PERIOD.

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This is good and bad. Good be

This is good and bad. Good because it doesn't help our case to have gays portrayed as villains, bad because gays are being portrayed as nonexistent. My feelings are mixed.

You have my support. Fred Phelps has my hatred.

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sailor moon

sailors uranus and neptune are also gay. they changed it in the dub so that they were 'cousins' or something. i thought it was really funny.

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Y'know, just that one line th

Y'know, just that one line there amused me... "Sailor Uranus is gay." Sorry. Dubs suck. Gay anime is teh roxxorz.

"A Soul-"

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Not only that, the SAILOR

Not only that, the SAILOR STARS who are DUDES who transform into GIRL sailor scouts. So there.

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Not just villains.

There are gay heroes in things, too. So
it's not like we're being portrayed exclusively
as bad people. There are plenty
of straight villains, too.

I was watching the anime 'Fruits Basket'
and there are several gay, or possibly gay
Hatsuharu (or whatever his name is) is
bisexual, I think.
Ayame also is a bit sexually ambiguous. It's
never really explained, but he's got this
thing going with Shigure where they pretend
they're lovers. It's always kept in a way
so that you're not quite sure if they're
joking or not.
There's also a male character who passes
himself off as female. But that's explained
as being kind of a defence mechanism, or
something, I think. So I wasn't thrilled
with that.
Haha, and for the first few episodes, I thought
Yuki and Kyo were secretly in love with each
other. But apparently not.

I haven't watched that in ages. Maybe I'll
take out the DVDs again.

I can't actually think of any gay villains
at the moment. Just thought I'd provide a
bit of a contrast.

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matters is what we do."

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Poor is the manI think capt

I think Captian Planet and He-Man seem really really gay!!!! I mean He-man is NEVER with any women except that bird-lady and his sister!!!! Planet wears Speedos and seems to enjoy cross-dressing!!!! Seriously, there was one episode that he was wearing a dress complete with make up, earrings, and one of those trop[ical fruit hats on his head while dancing with a villian before pushing him over!!!! Not to mention the falsetto he used. I've honestly have even seen it on Cartoon Network about, I dunno, three times maybe?

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On the permission of another
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In Cardcaptor Sakura there's

In Cardcaptor Sakura there's tons of gay characters, I think Toya and Yukito were together in the manga (although I wouldn't be sure since I haven't read all of it) but at least in teh manga Tomoyo very clearly has a crush on Sakura, but I do know that the American dubbed version completely butchered all of that... that's why I take all of my anime subtitled :D.

And I heart fruits basket very much, yes Hatsuharu is bi since he likes Yuki and Kyo but in the manga he was going out with Rin.

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I <3 Touyuki service ~_~.It was hinted,but nothing too blatant about their relationship was shown.

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Really? I remember a

Really? I remember a confession of love somewhere.

Also, Sakura's friend Tomoyo was romantically attracted to her.

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In the movie D.E.B.S., the main villain, Lucy, is gay.

The movie is a secret agent spoof. The main characters are five girls who wear short skirts and fight crime. The Amy (the DEBS poster child) and Lucy fall in love. So, not only are the hero and villain falling in love, both are women. It's a great movie. ^^

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i just saw that

I loved that movie soooooooo much. You can watch the entire thing on youtube which is how I saw it. It's pretty campy but not so much that it's impossible to enjoy as sort of a romance movie. Amy, and especialy Lucy, are both sooooo hot, that only makes it better.

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Yaaaay! D.E.B.S. is pretty

Yaaaay! D.E.B.S. is pretty damn awesome... ^^ And yes, Amy and Lucy are hawt. :D

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The Authority

Apollo and Mignighter from the Authority... more 'graphic novel' than cartoon but they are kick-ass heroes. unfortunately, like most gay love stories one of them has to leave for some reason and the other one cries until old age. *sigh*

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It's very strongly implied (and explicitly stated in the books by Frank Herbert's son) that Baron Harkonnen, the villian, is gay.

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don't remember that

I read Dune a few years ago but I don't remember that part of it. Maybe I'm just an idiot or didn't think much about homosexuality back then, or maybe both. lol.

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What we need is for some

What we need is for some open-minded people to become producers so that these movies and T.V. shows can get made!

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enough open-minded people to watch those movies and TV shows so that more can be made.

"gay: cheerful and lighthearted; merry." - The American Heritage Dictionary.

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DC Verse

Poison Ivy is bi (seduces Catwoman and Batman, could be in love with Harley Quinn) and Batwoman is gay with The Question. Oh, and Creote is in love with Savant.

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Poison Ivy is HOTTT!

then again, i've always had a "thing" for the redheads... and it gets me in trouble, like, A LOT... as the boys on South Park say: "Ginger kids are EVIL!"

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Films from the 40/50s

Like none of these are cartoons but they're all villanous. Spoilers I suppose, but they are all at least 50 years old.

In 'All About Eve' (a film I love) it's insinuated Eve is a lesbian, Addison is rather dubious to say the least and in the end the moral victory belongs to Margo who finally finds fulfillment through marriage.

In 'Rebecca' Mrs Danvers is clearly sexually obsessed with the first Mrs DeWinter. So that all in ends in fires and death. Obviously.

Joel Cairo in 'The Maltese Falcon'. In 'Rope' the killers are gay and modelled on less adolescent Leopold and Loeb. I really liked Rope actually, it's one of my favourite Hitchcock films.

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Oh! In the movie Strike!

Oh! In the movie Strike! (directed by Sarah Kernochan) It says in the closing scene that Tinka is a lesbian. That movie is SO cute!

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Oh yeah!

Tinka (played by Monica Keena) is HOTTT... i've liked that actress ever since she was on Dawson's Creek (where she played an evil beeatch)

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Sailor Uranus and Neptune

Sailor Uranus and Neptune confused the hell out of me when I was a kid. I could never figure out if Sailor Neptune was a girl or a androgynous! And I could never figure out their relationship either because in Chinese dubs, they actually talked about their relationship rather than make them "cousins".