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I've been meaning to start this for a while here. As I've chatted with people on AIM and such, it seems that many Oasis users want to lose a few pounds.

I think a lot of weight gain is a result of emotional eating due to stress, and being closeted in your teens and such is a huge source of stress, so they are related.

Personally, I've spent most of my life dealing with body image issues surrounding my weight, having finally dropped 115 pounds, and am close to finishing my goal of losing 125 pounds. Will hopefully occur before my birthday in August.

Most people only want to lose 10-20 pounds, but everyone who gets overweight only needed to lose that much at some point.

So, I just want to put this forum up as a place where we can discuss these issues. I think the best thing you can do for your health, your self-esteem and, let's face it, your social life, is to take care of this issue before anyone else needs to lose as much weight as I did.

To keep focused, I will ask that we not turn this into a discussion about society imposing unrealistic standards of health and beauty, etc., etc. Feel free to start that forum on your own if you want.

This will be exclusively about providing support for people who want to lose weight, ask questions related to that topic, etc.

And if you like your body how it is, you're ahead of the game. Just realize you cannot convince other people to do the same if they don't.

My story is sort of told on my recent blog entry on


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its good that you wanna help

its good that you wanna help suport people going through weight problems but its not just being overweight thats a problem. i lost alot of weight and got ill because of all the stress of things so i think it would be great if you could offer some support for that too. maybe this is a big enough problem to start with lol.

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Congratulations on your weigh

Congratulations on your weight loss. It seems strange to hear someone say that they lost 125 pounds, as it is about 10 pounds short of my current weight.

I'm sure that many people here probably could be a lot better off if they lost weight. But, considering how most of us here are teenagers, I wouldn't be surprised if some members here were really too thin, possibly anorexic or bullimic. Maybe this forum should really be about "weight issues" in general.


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thank you

for making this forum because although I am not overwight my sister and I don't want her to have all those problems that come with being overwight and she plays football which promotes the weight gain and it's annyoing. I don't need to lose that much weight being tall but I would like to lose 20 to 25 and tone my muscles so I look healthy and fit and by the way it is awesome to hear about you losing that much weight. I hope you lose the rest by your birthday in august(go august birthdays!!!)

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For generic "stress" support, that seems to be something anyone can post in the main discussion forum. Basically, anyone on Oasis can start any thread they want/are interested in. I only swing through every other day or so, so I made this a top-level thread only so I can easily track it.

Same thing for eating disorders, really. I know it's the flipside of the same issues, but the whole point of creating this is that I know I can provide useful support. Eating disorders, as well as cutting or anything else I know nothing about, are best left to other people.

Technically, Oasis was started because it was the site I could have used to come out sooner. So, this thread is started in the same spirit, getting someone off the path of possibly getting overweight while they are still young.

Yes, 125 pounds is a lot. I always said I needed to nearly lose the weight of a boyfriend before I'd get one. :-)

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Awwwwwww so nice of you to ma

Awwwwwww so nice of you to make this for us jeff!!