girls are as confusing as guys

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i met thi sreally awesome gir at theater, sh ewas totally awesome. bright pink hair an da personality to match. she lik eto i dunno a wor dfor it cuddle with me...whatever so stupid me i thought she liked me. so i admitted to liking her whil eplaying truth an ddare. sh efound out and went behind my back an dcalled me a dike. then i see her at th emall. sh eruns up to me and huggs and kisses me then she was liek hi im here with my boyfriend come meeet him. tyurns out that th etime she wass hitting on me her boyfriend was out of town, so i was her back up or what ever. then while at th emall she tries to set me up with he bi friedn an dher friedns boyfriend was standing right there! it porobably didnt bothe rthem because all four of them have foursomes all th etime. buti declined and so did the bi friend. that was last summer now im gonna see her this summer and im scared i might fall for her again. what am i to do.


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don't trip over the same rock twice

She seems kind of excentric, probably because she's insecure with herself. She wants to be loved, obviously, because she's touchy with you...however, i don't think she's ready for anything until she can get into touch with herself. If she's flirty with you when her boyfriend is gone, that signals to me that she's probably needy all the time...not that that's wrong, either, but when he's back she was immature toward you in a rude way, which is wrong by far in my book. You can be forgiving and accepting of her friendship, but she doesn't sound mature enough to love anyone.