hip hip hooray.

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It's the last day of school. Yay. Notice the extreme sarcasm lacing that yay. Notice the "who actually gives a fuck" attitude. The end of the school year is so overplayed. Seriously, so I've finished another school year, so what? Now I get to sit around being bored, or just living, for a whole summer, and then I'm back in school. It's life, who cares if one part of it has ended? There's nothing so great about the summer; people go to camp, they see friends, have crushes, read, sit and be bored. It's like school, only without the schedule. God, people, life goes on, who gives a damn, the same thing is going to happen every year...the last day of school is like every other day, except we have an assembly and a crap picnic (at which I always eat nothing, because I don't likehamburgers and hotdogs.) Augh. This is so ridiculous. Talked to the other bi girl in my class today. Told me I was hot and that if she weren't leaving we would so be a couple. I smiled, but anyways...I've recently realized how much of an outsider I really am. It's kind of funny how I follow people around becuase I feel like I have to, and they don't talk to me, but they don't send me away becuase I don't bother them. It's stupid of me to think that I need to hang out with them. Stupid. Got my autobiography back today-the one I spent all year writing. I can't say anything about it becuase I'll cry if I do, that's the one thing that I actually miss.


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I like

I like the end of the school year because it's
a break from all the classes, most of which I
dislike. But, you're
right, the summer is usually just spent
sitting around, being bored. It's overrated.

I kind of do that 'hanging around people'
thing, too. It doesn't make much sense. Hmm.

"If nothing we do matters, then all that
matters is what we do."

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i love holidays. why dont you

i love holidays. why dont you do something, go out, go on a holiday, visit friends. and what is this camp i hear americans talk so much about?