homophobia in the classroom

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I spent 3rd period, my math class, attempting to get my classmates to stop making homophobic comments and whatnot. They weren't just saying gay and pansy, but rather decided to go all out and say faggot, not just the abbreviated version, but the entire word. What really put me off was that my math teacher who was right there listening to them and myself asking them not to say those things as not only am I offended by them but they are innappropriate in a school setting, but my teacher didn't say a word.
I've thought about reporting that particualr teacher before because this isn't the first that this has happened. i know that people say that kind of stuff all the time, but this doesn't happen in my other classes and the teachers are supposed to call kids on making those comments as our school has a policy and tries to stress an anti-homophobia environment, but he has yet to say anything about it.
I don't know what to do...I'd report it but then i'd feel like i was whining.... I can handle the comments myself, partially because they aren't directed at me in particular, but it's the whole principle of the thing.....


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i know, it sucks

i have one teacher who is a total homophobe himself, and makes the most annoying comments. like, "if I ever look at another guy like that, pls shoot me" and then he denies he's homophobic "not that there's anything wrong with kissing a guy if that's what you like...(doubtfully)" and he sure doesn't stop anyone making faggot jokes. most of my other teachers try to limit it a bit, and all my teachers let me do DOS. i never thought about reporting these remarks...now that I think of it the rainbow alliance did get the school board to approve an anti-discrimination clause covering this sort of stuff. but who would I tell? the whole system sucks. and it's not exactly harassment cuz they don't know i'm bi and it't not directed at me, just jokes, and they don't completely mean it. these are tricky situations. i wonder if freedom of speech extends to racism or heterosexism if it's not directed as an insult...

***I don't mind straight people as long as the act GAY in public ***

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hmmm.... heterophobia, intere

hmmm.... heterophobia, interesting idea... I should make a t-shirt that says god hates straight people and create a website and advertise at school....wouldn't that be fun....
No, i'm not a heterophobe, and no I wouldn't do that but if soemone did i think that would really screw with some heads....
I did DOS too this year, it was a really good experience at the school I'm currently at as opposed to where I was last year. I did it alone last year and got chewed out in front of my bio class by my teacher the day after, then i wrote an editorial and my journalism wouldn't accept it because she said it was 'too controversial' so i wrote another one about that and her rejecting my paper as controversial.....good times....

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have you tried talking to you

have you tried talking to your teacher about it. it might work, and if it doesn't, then go talk to some counselor or administrator. it couldn't hurt, could it?

and it's not whining. if he's being a total asshole and you're being hurt by it, you have every right to speak up, and do what you can to stop that from happening. school isn't supposed to be hostile.

good luck!