I Wrote A Song.

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SEe. I write lots of songs.
and they never become anything...sadly. BUT LOOK.
i wrote one.
well, part of one.

likely mishaps
planned out on maps
stalled by a nail
adrift in the ocean
a largish sea
casting off echoes
like old tattered clothes
lost and found
lost and found
hold the key in your hand
im told you were lost
scavenger hunt for the hopeless
we cant afford the cost
when we realized
that we wouldnt find anything

fitting, isnt it?
OOH, heres another. sorry im bored.

what you eat is what you are
dont worry
transformations not far
beffore long
in the blink of an eye
may she rest in peace
...dripping molasses off the tip of your tongue
praises so deep they were meant to be hung
in the back of your brain
isnt this strange?
...skipping the classes just to get caught
cautions so angry they gleam with such thought
on the tip of your tongue
oh whats to be done?

thats all i found in this book.