If you were a fruit...

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This is a light hearted one... If you were a fruit (or vegetable) what would you be and why?

God, don't you just love the deep and meaningful, philosopical questions of life?

Oh yeah, and if you had to choose between love and friendship, which would you pick? Bear with me now, I'm extremely depressed and all the forums about sex are starting to get to me.

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Probably the only reply to my forum

Yes, yes, very sad, I know .....

I'd love to be a pineapple (bubbly,sweet, happy and fun), but I'm more of a pear (sensible and dull).

I'd choose love. Love love! And besides like someone dead once said: "love is just friendship on fire."

Signed: call me what you will.

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I have come to the conclusion that you are all MAD!
not that I can talk like, Im just as bad lol!
I wud b a pineapple, I dont fit in anywhere but i blend! and although Im very sweet (so Im told) I can b very passionate and spiteful sometimes (pineapple spikes).
I dont think u can choose between love and friendship the 2 are inseparable, u cant lead ur life without a single friend, its just not rite but u cant just end True love either, its something that u need in ur life
God Im goin all philosophical here!
I noticed someone whos a Douglas Adams fan too: 'Pardon me for breathing, which I never do anyway so I dont know why I even bother to say...Oh God Im so depressed...'lol
Charlie x

'A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men'

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I would be a pomegranite! ya

I would be a pomegranite! yay pomegranites!!!! kiwis are cool too. and apples, because they are the tempting fruit, lol, tempting people is fuuuun. well, I think that the best friendships and the best loves are almost interchangeble (almost) so, I do not think I can make a choice for the second question.

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I'd probably be a banana. They're a little
bland, but kind of juicy on the inside.
Although not much. Haha. :P

I'd rather be a strawberry, cute and delicious.
With a lot of juice. And I'm always in the
mood for one.

"If nothing we do matters, then all that
matters is what we do."

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i would certianly be a cherry. they are my fav. they are also my fav sex food. jeez my girlfriend needs to get of groundation soon...hehe
oh yea...with the love or friendship thing i choose love because it covers everything including friendship.
*kisses from Christa*

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i probably be a grape...lost

i probably be a grape...lost among a vine of many others and not standing out in the least. Thats the fruit that best descibes me.
But if you really do know me i'm more of an orange...you have to get past my peel before you get to the good part.
Huh...funny, fruits are a good way to describe myself, i always had trouble before but the whole fruit metaphor works for me. (thats stupid i kno)

And for the second question i'd deffinatly choose LOVE! Its so much closer than friendship...if its true.

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Potato over here! I'm hidden

Potato over here!
I'm hidden, I'm deep, I may not look all that unusual, but I'm very filling and satisfying and healthy-ish, and I taste damn good with some butter.

Friendship/Love. when I first thought about that I thought it was like, get a girlfriend, or have friends and I thought, the friends of course! People my age break up with their girlfriends everntually, and ten where would you be without your friends, who can last for ages? but then I read the other responses and I would say love, b/c friendship is just a different form of love, like family, and girlfriends.

Come out, come out wherever you are!

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Pour Moi

Je suis un pomme.. Sorry, lol, french mood for a second. I think that the fruit I'd be would be an apple. Sometimes, I'm really nice, sweet, and juicy, but other times, I'm bruised, ugly, and rotten. I take pride in being part of the crowd, (apples in the apple trees in this case) but also, I like meaning everything to one person when I'm actually being... in this case, eaten, lol. I liked this.

Anyway, for the second question, I would definitely choose... love!! Friendship involves love because you're taking another person into your life and caring for them. So you can't have friendship without love, or life without love, so LOVE!!

I'm in a bit of a weird mood today...

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french mode :s

>its "une pomme" ;)

i'd be a plum.- its full red and yummy yummy sweet

out of my mind... back in 5 minutes.
i'm not afraid of death, i just dont wanna be there when it happens.

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have you looked around?! thi

have you looked around?!
this whole fucking site is filled with FRUITS

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Signed: call me what you will.

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hey not funny!!

wadda ya mean ya jerk?!?!?! I for 1 don't like being called a fruit unless it's by my friends if i did over react please let me know and please add LOL if your joking!!!!

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hey not funny!!

wadda ya mean ya jerk?!?!?! I for 1 don't like being called a fruit unless it's by my friends if i did over react please let me know and please add LOL if your joking!!!!

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hahahaha i would be a bright round plump juicy thick red TOMATO hahaha. now i know theres always this thing about whether or not a tomato is a fruit or veggie. but i think tis a fruit, it has seeds as do most fruits...okay all fruits took me a second to think but i really couldnt think of a fruit that doesn't have seeds. of course this is all stoopid too, because if veggies didn't have seeds, then how would we grow any more of them? aha unless the government now reproduces our veggies like clones or something.... all genetic and stuff.... ooooo freaky.. okay im being silly.
honestly though. gawd i love tomatoes. all kinds cherry tomatoes, big fat juicy tomatoes, fried green tomatoes, awesome movie too, but honestly they taste delicious...that book btw is soooooooo much more detailed than the movie is, really if theyd followed the book by the letter or even any closer, twoud have been lot longer... oh sorry totally off topic. yes tomato. i would be a tomato. oh yeah and i love the color red....heehee. i thought bout that too, tis a feminine color tisnt it. passionate, fertile, strong, desirable, individual, moody, angry, heehee im describing myself in a nuttshell. or more to the point, a tomato skin... heehee
poetry tiff
oh yeah and if it came between friendship and love hahaha...to quote a good movie that i know plenty of you have seen since reading the fave movies and such forums, "...and fall in love whenever you can..." geez whish i could remember the whole thing. gawd i love practical magic. ive always believed there isnt one person for everyone, theres so many more. really how could we get prepared for our next love affair if there wasn't a previous? why do you think they call it a love affair? why do you think people say its just as easy to fall out of love as it is to fall in love? oh shit i cant remember how thas worded. i know it isnt that way. haha that dont make a lot of sense, kind of cruel actually. really has anyone watched the new movie Closer? tis very very good. tis also very um, verbally graphic for warning but tis very good. i believe the critics said, "Finally, a love story for adults." not sure who said that, could have ebert or roeper...heehee sry i work in a video store. dumb movie humor. but twas very good. heehee. i loved it a lot. oh well im not very social so i dont really do the friend thing well. dont get me wrong its prob quite obvious i love to talk and all that since i write an obscene amount of things on this site, haha especially on things i myself have not posted. heehee. oh well. im not into the whole one night stand thing. but im def into flings and wild animal sex as people call it. but im also a very passionate person. and when i love someone its sometimes hard for them to understand, that maybe i just loved them for that moment, or maybe for that week or month or so. i fall out of love as easily as i fall in love. and i love it. because i love so many people, and i learn things. and i grow and i love even more the next time. and if i live the rest of my life that way, well i dont think its a terrible way to go. heehee thas all i have to say bout that....

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-John Milton
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-William Blake

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A fruit has seeds, a veggie doesn't. A fruit is a plant's way of making new plants (ie when the seeds eventually hit the ground/whatever and grow) while all a veggie does is provide nutrients for the plant it's attached to. To grow new veggies I think you have to plant veggies not seeds. Ah..... but this is why I failed Biology - could never care enough to know the details.

Is a pea pod a fruit too then?

Signed: call me what you will.

Signed: call me what you will.

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I think a pea is a legume, bu

I think a pea is a legume, but i'm not sure. Legumes are like plants that have seeds in pods, like beans or peas or something.

Sometimes I lie awake at night staring at the stars and wondering where the hell is my ceiling?

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Not having a seed would

Not having a seed would bypass the very foundation of evolution in multicellular organisms. In the next generation, you want a more evolved version of the preceding generation. Nature has employed meiosis for this process (sexual reproduction). Two haploids, one from each parent, combine to form a diploid. This diploid contains characteristics from both parents. This is called genetic variation, the foundation of evolution. In single celled organisms asexual reproduction is fine, because genetic variation happens via genetic mutation. In a multicellular organism this isn't possible because random genetic mutation doesn't affect the body universally (each cell has its own set of DNA. If it gets mutated, it doesn't affect all the other sets). Meosis solves this by combining the DNA of similar organisms to create a new, relatively varied, DNA. So, in conclusion, a vegetable would have to employ sexual reproduction to abide by the rules of evolution (genetic variation). This is most easily done by a seed. Vegetables contain seeds that aren't in the actual "fruit" (the part we eat). Carrots contain seeds on the stem and roots for example, not in the carrot. Beets, I would venture, are the same.

Basically, a fruit is when the organism contains seeds inside the actual "fruit". Vegetables is when they occur outside the actual "fruit".

I hope that's coherent.

Note: The haploid-diploid explanation was in human terms. The polidy of organisms gets confusing beyond that.

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there was actually a supreme

there was actually a supreme court case on the status of the
tomatoe as a fruit or vegtable, suprisingly enough.

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I'd be a lemon...

Oh wait, I already am one.

And I guess I'd choose love over friendship, but I hope I never have to...I want both.


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a fruit? well, i love grapes,

a fruit? well, i love grapes, so i couldn't be a grape... lime, definitely a lime. limes are cool, and i guess they're funny, right? hard to tell if a lime is funny, but i am so i guess i'll be the world's first lime comedian.

love or friendship... that's a toughie. i wouldn't recognize either if they came up and peeled my lime-ass, so i'm going to got to my favorite decision-making process; eenie, meenie mynie, mo...

two out of three? love.

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Love or friendship

If I had to choose between love or friendship,
at the moment I'd choose friendship. Love can

"If nothing we do matters, then all that
matters is what we do."

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I think I'd be a banana- simp

I think I'd be a banana- simply bacause of that whole thing where you're not supposed to put bananas with other fruits- that sounds like me. Don't put me with other people, just leave me with my own group and I'll be OK.
Although according to http://quizilla.com/users/azuremariposa/quizzes/What%20Kind%20of%20Fruit...

I'm a lemon!


So long and thanks for all the fish.

Don't Panic- Vote Beeblebrox ;-)

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Somehow I think I'd want to b

Somehow I think I'd want to be a pomegranete, because of all its seeds and its tastes... but also an avocado perhaps, just for its speciality...

if I had to choose, I'd take both. life never gives you that sort of choice openly I think, so I hope I won't have to face that ever...

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Grapefruit, I think. Not as sweet as an orange, but much sweeter than a lemon. Sometimes really good but sometimes hard to take.

I suppose I'd choose love, but I'd really prefer not to make that choice.

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A lychee! Tough on the outside, a big ol' softy on the inside!

I'd choose love cause I'm missing that in my life right now.

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i would be a blueberry because there cute,blue,and chuby just like me.Well except for the blue part.oh yeah and the chuby part because i am not fat.i am short so it looks like im chuby.

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I'd probably be a cocunut because I'm imposible to break, but when you hit in the right spot, the right way i fall to pieces



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If I were a fruit I'd be a pound of hamburger.
TeeAhr1 (p. daniels) - Special Assistant To Mr. Wonka

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I would love to be a cherry, small and round and deep red, nestled closely with others like me, comfortable, the same and yet unique. I would wait to be picked out from all the others, gently pulled off the vine... But I think I'm less romantic than a cherry. I'm more of an apple--I blend in with everyone else on the outside, but on the inside, I taste sweet and different. It takes a little bit of effort to get through my skin, but once you do, I'm really just a softie.

As for friendship vs. love, I'm not sure exactly which I'd choose. I'm not sure if I'm ready for love yet, at least not with out closer friends. I think I long for emotional intimacy more than anything, so I'd choose friendship, I guess.

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RHUBARB!!! thats meeee!!
well...thats what they said i was a week ago when we coincidentally we talking about it. and maura was celery and chase was a potato, and lily was carrot and mcKayla was a cherry tomato and jess was zuchini. and there was more but i dont remember.

life is hell.
enjoy it while you can.

'...people are, by nature, sad
so be it then, it isnt all that bad'
~from Smiles...by a russian poet whose name i cant pronounce, nor remember...

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Black Raspberry

They have the prickly vines but squish real easy if you mishandle them.

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Banana and friendship

Bananas are awesome(though grapes taste better) because if someone get on your nerves you just act like a peel and watch them fall. MWAHAHAHA!!! ~cough cough~ ahem anyways yeah. I would choose friendship because even if you have love you need freinds to get you through the ups and downs of love. So friendship all the way!

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i think i'd be a strawberry c

i think i'd be a strawberry cos they are sort of heart shaped. as for love/friendship - well people grow to love their friends and within love there has to be friendship, so really i cant choose, its all or nothing.

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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I would be a kiwi since they

I would be a kiwi since they kick @$$ on your mouth.

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i'd like to be pluot. its a m

i'd like to be pluot. its a mix between a plum and an apricot. i like the name, and it has the color of a purple-red sunset blotched with clouds. i dunno, its a really great fruit lol.
if i had to be a vegetable, id like to be a celery stalk because celery tastes great with peanut butter, and peanut butter is god.

hmm...love and friendship? i think i'd choose love.

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I'd be a current, so I could

I'd be a current, so I could be obliterated in
one bite, as opposed to getting hacked up, or
going through the time it takes to have all these
bites taken out of me.

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I wanna know how many gay guys read this forum title and went "I already am a fruit!".

Back on topic: I agree with Morgan.

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All I know for real
Is knowing doesn't mean so much
When placed against the feeling
The heat inside
When bodies meet
When fingers touch
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Easy. A bungo. Because I like the name

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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I would be a kiwi. A kiwi is

I would be a kiwi. A kiwi is my favorite fruit; I even like eating the fuzz on the outside. I remember the day I learned about kiwis. I was in kindergarten and we were making a fruit salad. Everyone had to bring in a certain kind of fruit, which the teacher picked out. I got kiwi, and I had no idea what it was. When my mom bought some to bring into class I ate one and I was in heaven. I couldn’t even believe how awesome kiwis were! And they have been my favorite fruit since.

On that second question I'm not clear on what you mean. Do you mean picking a your love over a friend, or deciding whether or not you want to tell your friend you love them at the risk of losing them as a friend.

I think my answer would have to depend on why I would have to make that decision. Would it be because my friends hated my love? Or, my love hated my friends? I would choose to dump the ultimatum giver. I think it is so messed up when people give you ultimatums. I would not want a friend or love who is under the impression that they can manipulate me like some kind up puppet.

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-The Tick

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i would be a honeydew. those

i would be a honeydew.
those are AMAZING!

i know you hear me...i can taste it in your tears

28:06:42:12...the tangent universe awaits...

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ok, honey, but do what? lol :p

"Don't let sad people make you sad, let happy people make you happy."

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ha ha... that made me laugh

ha ha... that made me laugh :)

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Um, I'd be a peach, and I'd g

Um, I'd be a peach, and I'd go for a bit 'o both, but if I have to choose, I'd go with friends.

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I would be a lime. limes are cool. they're like the alts. to lemons. a little sweeter and they aren't your first choice, but they rock. yeah...

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Starfruit "Why god, Why go


"Why god, Why god is it always me." - Akito Tenkawa, Ships Cook

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hmm so i have no idea how to

hmm so i have no idea how to spell the name of this fruit of if it's even a fruit at all, but it reminds me of grade 9 when our teacher compared everything imaginable to them, it was great times..anyway it's a quamquate??

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Yes, they're kumquats! My friend and I had an extremely random conversation yesterday about kumquats and what the heck they really are... and we found... this:
In case you're interested.

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Satsuma, I like them, they're

Satsuma, I like them, they're easy to peel. Love or friendship? I'm living without love and surviving so I'll stick with friendship.

California--the land of coffee and bagels.

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I would choose friendship as

I would choose friendship as it is the necessary basis for love.

And I would be a KIWI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!one

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